Family Stickers (review/giveaway)

All around I’ve seen these little stick figure family decals on car windows…and I’ve ALWAYS said I wanted one. Well guess what…I finally got one!!! Grafx Dos Gueros makes them and let me create my own family sticker to review! I have to say, I didn’t expect so many different stick figures to choose from! I looked through a TON and had a hard time choosing the figures I did for our family (yes I included baby Jaxon already!)
The header “The Staples Family” is optional, as is the names under the characters, and yes Jaylin is supose to be upside down lol, she’s my little monkey and likes to flip, so I had her like that!
This “Kids On Board” was at the end of my decal, but Jeff decided it would look better in the top corner of the back window…if we left it on the end of our decal it would have been a bit long…but it still looks great!
This is what my back window looks like now. Up in the top middle is Grafx Dos Gueros’s logo and website. You can’t tell by the pictures, but the color of my decal is silver…there is a lot of different colors to choose from also, you can pick a color that matches your car, or just your favorite color. And don’t think the decals are just for car windows, they can be put on a mirror, or a window at home, a wall, or a front door, anywhere!

**Giveaway Has Ended**
Grafx Dos Gueros would like to giveaway a Family Sticker with 8 family members or less (Just so you know, mine was considered 7 because of the “Kids On Board” on the side). To enter, go to their site and browse around the characters, then come back and comment with which character is your favorite (decribe it, and leave the number ex”dad 94 Grilling Dad”).

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Giveaway will end on May 11 @ 11pm EST

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