Holiday Gift Guide: Cook’s Ham (giveaway)

This was suppose to be a review right after Thanksgiving, but after driving all over the city closest to us to 5 different stores, toting Jaxon in and out of the van each time (it was just me and him) and walking through each store looking for Cook’s Ham, I got frustrated and give up. I don’t eat ham anyways, Jeff, the kids and my dad do, so I was getting it for them. I even had Jeff go on their website to double check the stores that carry Cook’s Ham, I had hit all of them in the city that the site had listed, even hit up Martin’s that wasn’t on the list. On the drive home I called another grocery store in the town next to us to see if they had them…nope. This wasn’t a case of them being sold out, the stores just didn’t sell them. Of course we live in the boonies and the city we go to isn’t really a big city, it’s just bigger than where I live. I have to say, Jeff and my dad were a little disappointed I wasn’t able to get the ham, and I kept looking right up until the day before Thanksgiving so by the time I give up, it was too late for my dad to go out and buy a ham.

I was going to go to another town over and check their stores, but I never got the chance to go…then I got a message via Skype of a friend who was having a bit of financial trouble. She’s a fellow blogger (I won’t mention her name, but she knows who she is) and another blogger was looking for any bit that could help, I of course chipped in $30 of our own money via paypal so it could be western unioned to her that night to get groceries. Later I found out between our group of bloggers that chat in Skype, we got together about $400 to send to her! Talk about the power of blogging friends! I texted her and told her she would do the same if the shoe was on the other foot, she texted me back saying people in the grocery store were looking at her funny because she was crying like a baby she was so happy to be able to buy dinner for that night! I then remembered the Cook’s Ham coupon I had for a free ham up to $30, that I couldn’t use. I was told I could keep looking around here or hold 2 giveaways (since I have the 2nd coupon also in my possession) I thought what better to do with my coupon than to send it to her in my Christmas card. She needed it more than I did, after all it is the season for giving. I got a text from her a few days after I mailed the card and coupon, she couldn’t thank me enough. She was thrilled they would be able to have ham on Christmas. I knew I had done the right thing, she thanked me and thanked me and was just so happy to have it. I told her she was very welcome. I thought Jeff was going to be upset with me that I had sent $30 of his money (since he’s the only one who makes any money lol) and the coupon for ham that he was looking forward to…but he wasn’t. He was glad we were able to help someone out. I believe in karma and not a week later he got word at work that he would be getting a Christmas bonus! His work don’t give bonuses often, so this made me excited and I truly believe it’s because we thought of others this year.

A little about Cook’s Ham:

There are many brands of ham available to you, but to ensure consistent quality and a great tasting ham, look for the Cook’s name. That’s because Cook’s hams always begin with old-fashioned bone-in hams for a more natural texture and taste. We slow-cure our hams with natural ingredients like pure cane sugar, real honey, brown sugar and maple syrup. For the perfect finish, we smoke our hams for hours using real hickory wood. This process gives our hams a taste that separates Cook’s hams from the rest. Since their introduction by Cook Family Foods in 1983, Cook’s branded hams and other smoked meats have been packaged and sold to leading supermarket chains and independent grocers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. In fact, Cook’s is the nation’s leading brand of traditional and spiral sliced smoked bone-in ham, corned beef and smoked picnics.” – Cook’s Ham Website

Cook’s Ham makes a lot of different types of hams, different cuts of ham, different glazes, bone in, and bone out, sliced ham, half ham, whole ham…the list goes on and on!

Cook’s Ham website has tips on how to cook your ham, how to cut it, and even some great recipes!

The Giveaway: I am giving away 1 coupon for a free Cook’s Ham up to $30.

Main Entry: Visit Cook’s Ham and then come back and tell me which of their products you would like to try. Don’t forget to leave your email address so I can contact you. Also…remember this MUST be done before any extra entries!

Open to US Residents only.

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This giveaway will end on December 20th (making it really short so it can arrive before the holidays since I have to ship this out myself and I HOPE it will get to the winner in time)@ 11pm EST!

I received free product in return for writing this review post. The free product had no influence on my opinion of said product.

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