GoodNites (Review week 1)

Accidents happen. I’m the mom of 3 wonderful kids, so I know that phrase, I remind myself daily that the reason they are called accidents is because it’s not on purpose… no one can control 100% of everything all the time. That’s especially true with potty training and kids wetting the bed. I was contacted by GoodNites asking if I would like to review their new GoodNites Underwear and I knew that having 2 kids who are potty trained…accidents happen (my kids are no exception lol) and this was perfect for us (especially when Jaylin likes to crawl in bed with me in the morning, she tends to pee on her daddy’s side of the bed or between us)

GoodNites sent me a WalMart gift card to purchase GoodNites Underwear for my kids, to start off I got 1 pack for Jaylin and 1 pack for Jeffery. Jaylin immediately LOVED her GoodNites Underwear before we even got to put them in thecart…she carried the package around the store because they have butterflies and flowers on them! I think Jaylin’s are cuter than Jeffery’s but that’s because they are pink and girly. The boys’ have bikes, sharks and boy stuff on them, Jeffery said they are “Awesome” and “Cool”The whole thing (both boys and girls) is decorated/colored/patterned to look like underwear, everything from the sides (which BTW tear open easily for easy changes)  to the top edge and even the back has decoration on them (along with a rectangle with “BACK” so the kids can easily know which way to put them on…I tell my kids it’s the tag of the underwear) It’s really cute, on the girls’ there is lace print on the top (which, all of Jaylin’s cloth underwear have that little lace at the top) and the boys’ have stitches printed on it. They went down to every little detail to make sure they look like real underwear!

GoodNites Underwear are thin too. When the kids have them on, and clothes over top, you can’t tell they have anything on underneath. They are also soft (softer than the previous GoodNites) and less noisy so kids can have a more peaceful sleep. GoodNites are made for bigger kids, so the new features (thinner, look more like underwear and also look pretty similar to cloth underwear) They come in 2 sizes S-M (38-65lbs) and L-XL (60-125lbs) Jeff could almost wear the XL haha!

Over the next 2 months I’ll be writing a post a week about how the kids and myself like GoodNites Underwear. The first night Jaylin wore her’s she cried when she peed in it, she was awake but couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time. I think I’ve tuned into my kids pretty well, I can tell when they are going to pee the bed…like when Daddy gives them too much to drink (or Amy as the other night she give them 2 cups of kool-aide while she was watching them for 2 hours lol)

If you would like to get a free sample of GoodNites Underwear you can go HERE to request one (While supplies last)

Disclosure: I was given a WalMart gift card to purchase GoodNites Underwear to review. My opinions are of my own and not influenced by my compensation.

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  1. Great Review! These look so much nicer than I thought they would be.

  2. They are a lot cuter than I thought they would be.

  3. Those are actually really cute! Look like panties, great review Jackie.