Goodbye 2010…Hello 2011

2010 was filled with it’s ups and downs…the begining started off good and it ended horribly. Let’s see

  • Jeffery turned the big 5 in February 2010:)
  • We started our house hunting adventure after fixing Jeff’s credit.
  • Got pre-approved for a mortgage 🙂
  • Jaxon turned a year old in May 2010
  • After 2 failed attempts at buying a already built house, we decided to get a modular.
  • We picked out the house we wanted, and ordered it…thinking the process was going to move smoothly and we were told we’d be in it sometime in October.
  • Jaylin turned 4 🙂
  • October came and went  😐
  • November came and went 😐
  • December and we’re still waiting
  • The kids had one heck of an awesome Christmas, even though Jeff and mine’s wasn’t the greatest because the heater went out in the house.
  • We started staying with my dad on Christmas
  • We’re still with my dad here on New Years
  • We’ll be at Dad’s until the new house is done, so good thing is no more rent!

All in all, we’re healthy, we have a roof over our heads (even though currently it’s not our own), we have clothes on our backs, the kids are happy (we’re getting there) and we survived 2010.  Let’s hope our 2011 is good and we get to move.

My 2011 New Years resolution is to lose weight…haha! Who am I kidding…right? Seriously though, my resolution is to be happy, to relax and not take any grief from anyone (which I’ve started doing the end of 2010…this process is making me evil lol) I am going to live life for myself and my 3 wonderful kids, no one else. My writing may change a little, I’m going to open up a little more and just flow with it. My blog won’t change (unless I get the sudden urge for something new lol) I’ll still do my reviews/giveaways, post about my family, the kids’ progress with all their stuff.

2011 needs to be a changing year for me. I wasn’t happy much of 2010, and that needs to be different! Out with the old Jackie, in with the new, better, HAPPIER Jackie!

Happy New Year everyone! What is your New Year’s resolution?

About Jackie

Jackie is a stay at home mom to five wonderful children, 4 boys and a girl ages from infant to 10 years old. Her life is anything but calm, most days it's pure mayhem. You can follow her on twitter @monkey_mayhem
Jackie Staples


  1. Love ya Jackie. Happy New Year!

  2. My resolution is to eat healthier.

  3. To quit smoking…