Great Wolf Lodge – Snowland 2010 (Part 1)

Recently my family and I were invited BACK to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. I was excited because I had heard about Snowland activities and wanted so badly to see it snow inside! Of course we found the kids’ MagiQuest wands, packed our bags and headed off for 3 days and 2 nights. The kids were beyond THRILLED, they remembered the water park and the MagiQuest (they didn’t see us pack the wands 😉 )

When we arrived, our room wasn’t ready yet, but we were given our wrist bands (which doubled as the room key for the adults 🙂 I’m still so impressed with that lol) and could head to the water park. The kids were so happy!!! We  enjoyed playing in the kiddie pool, then the kids found the wave pool and had a BLAST (for some reason, we didn’t go in that one last time) Amy and I also found the hot tubs! We could see the wave pool from where we were in the hot tub (they were right next to each other) and watch the kids while enjoying a nice soak and chit chatting. The kids stood and played together in the shallow end and then jumped the waves when they would come (they would start and stop during the day) at one point I think Jeffery was hitting the waves and “beating them up” because he’s just goofy like that lol. After a little time in the water park, our rooms were done and we headed to the room…we were greeted by cookies and a Highway 101 DVD (the band we were invited to see in concert the next night…that’ll be in Part 2 of my posts) we then found milk in the fridge to go with the cookies (after I asked the front desk if it was from them…and not just accidentally left from the previous guests lol)

We then went and played MagiQuest (well, Jeff and I took the big kids while Amy stayed in the room with Jaxon) we enjoyed playing once we figured out the purpose of it and how to do everything lol. I don’t like that we paid for the wands, then paid for a game when we first stayed, and this time we had to pay for a game again…I thought that was a ripoff honestly. Yes, it does save the game…but we had to buy games for each wand, and when we go again, we’ll have to pay for the game again! I really don’t like that AT ALL! We did have fun playing, and the kids are both really close to being done with all the quests. We set them up to do the same quests at the same time so we could finish faster and one wouldn’t get ahead of the other. We did the MagiQuest more than we were in the water park this time! We were determined to complete some of the quests lol. Amy and I took the big kids around some the next day and were running around all over the place.

Jaylin with Daddy on our way to do MagiQuest

Jeffery getting his Quest

I love this picture of Jaylin. She's watching something talk or light up.

Jeffery lit up one of the crystals.

Jaylin opening up the chest.

Now, the main reason I wanted to go during Snowland was because they make it snow INSIDE!!! We went down the first night and caught one of the Snow Shows, Rowdy the Reindeer was there, holiday carols are sung, and then when “Let it Snow” comes…the snow comes down!!! It’s beautiful and the kids LOVED it!!!

Singing holiday carols.

It's snowing....INSIDE!!!

Jaylin enjoying the snow.

Jaylin, Jeffery and Amy with Rowdy the Reindeer (can I just say Jaylin HATED the reindeer...she wouldn't take her eyes off of him, thought he was going to come touch her or something lol)

The decorations at Great Wolf are AMAZING! It looked like a winter wonderland and I loved every minute of it!

This is what you see as you walk in the main doors! BEAUTIFUL!

Entrance...duh lol

That is a BIG bow, on a BIG wolf! haha!

Beautiful front of the main entrance at night.

I can’t believe I’m about to post this picture…but it’s to give you an idea of how big those front wolves really are!

Yep, I'm really right on that wolf! The bow is as big as I am!!! (yes...I'm wearing PJ pants lol I practically live in PJ pants lol)

How cool is this!? It's a model of the lodge made out of pretzels and candy!

The beautiful!

This next picture I had to beg and plead to take…they claim they look horrible…because it was around midnight and I promised the lady in the black coat that I would make sure my readers knew it was at midnight lol

Even at midnight...the staff were all smiles 🙂

I have so many pictures, I took well over 100 in just those 3 days! I’m going to stop now, but I’ll work on Part 2 which will have pictures of the Highway 101 concert and the little “party” beforehand.

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  1. I’ve been to Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin and it’s one of the greatest places to take kids of all ages to. As a matter of fact it’s a great place to go even if there are no kids.

  2. Looks beautiful! I’m sure they are such a fun place at Christmas. My kids today were pretending, and they said Mom, we’re going on an adventure to Great Wolf Lodge!
    This is a great review, you really captured the fun kids have there