Special Needs and My Family

I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years. I went back and was checking out some of my older posts and realize a lot of my personal posts have something to do with my kids’ special needs. It all started with Jeffery and his speech delay, to this day we don’t know why his speech is delayed. Then, Jaylin had a speech delay due to her multiple ear infections. Then Jeffery’s behavior went downhill and out of control. Jaxon joins the bunch last with his developmental delays, he isn’t talking, his walking was late and he has some fine motor skill delays.

Jaylin, she gets speech therapy at school once a week (I think) and she is progressing amazingly! I’m not worried about her anymore because I can understand 95% of what she says now.

Jaxon, he has started walking more and more. He is now imitating us and I’m loving this stage! One thing struck me kinda odd when he just had his 6 month follow up with¬†Kluge, his height. He has fallen off the chart for height, his weight is around the 50% and his head is about 75% which are both great. They didn’t seem too concerned when they saw it, and I’m not really concerned, but it’s in the back of my head. I’m 5′ 9″ and Jeff is 6′ tall, so neither of us are short. To me, Jaxon looks like a 9month old (he’s 24lbs now and I didn’t catch his height number) The boy EATS, he is ALWAYS wanting to eat and we rarely ever keep him from eating (unless it’s almost time to eat, then we make him wait for breakfast, lunch or dinner) Also, neither of the other 2 kids have ever fallen off the chart for anything,

Jeffery went ABOVE the chart in his height as a baby, but he’s thinned out now…I dunno. Maybe I’m looking too much into this. I worry. The good thing I heard at his follow-up was that they have pretty much ruled out Autism for him, he’s so social and was smiling and loving the doctor and nurse. He walked a few steps for the nurse to show her that he CAN do it lol.

Jeffery. We think he’s bi-polar. I spoke to his teacher today and she pretty much agreed with me. She says she can sometimes see it in his eyes when he’s “not Jeffery” We have started intensive in home therapy, one therapist comes 2 times a week and we’re waiting to meet the other therapist who will work with him more one on one. The doctor at Kluge says he’s too social to be Autistic and he concentrates too much to be ADD or ADHD. He does agree with me that he has some OCD, which I’m fine with that…it’s the outbursts that are the main problem. The outbursts where NOTHING will calm him down, where he can’t even control himself and he becomes a danger to anyone within his reach. He CAN be a good kid, and everyone has seen this…but it’s that other side of him that is driving us all crazy. When he’s concentrating on something (school work, video game, etc) he’s fine, it’s when his brain isn’t doing anything that he starts touching others, yelling in people’s ears, being annoying just to get a reaction out of someone. I am taking all the right steps, the League of Therapists that we’re going through is working to get him a¬†psychiatric evaluation to find out what’s going on to see if he really is bi-polar so we can make sure he is getting the proper treatment.

I’m going to end this. But I’m going to make sure to blog about Jeffery’s stuff more often because I am always looking for input, any ideas are greatly appreciated. Also, I’ve had a few emails and comments (Facebook and on here) of some of you who have kids with similar behaviors. If I can help one person I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Last thing and I think it’s awesome I caught this before I clicked “Publish” for this post…I get a preview of what the URL for this post is going to be, it uses the title of the post and sometimes takes some words out, well this time “Special Needs and My Family” turned into “special-family” and I think we are a special family. We are working through all these ups and downs and we are doing it together.

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  1. It’s great that your kids are improving rather well lately, so you don’t need to worry. God has a special plan for your family. You are indeed a special family because God loves you and will be there every step of the way. God bless.:-)

  2. Yes, you are a special family. I love you guys!! I know Jeffery will come into his own, he’s a wonderful kid. All of your kids are!