Jeffery and Jaxon’s Updates

I’ve done way too much driving the past few weeks. Jeffery’s behavior doctor and Jaxon’s development doctor are both over at Kluge Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Charlottesville (an hour drive one way for us) Jeffery had his appointment last week and Jaxon has his today. Luckily Jeff was off today (if you count getting off at 6am, home at 7am and staying up lol) and was able to watch the big kids, which is more than I can say about last week! I had to get all 3 kids up and dressed then out the door before 5am so we could take Jeff to work (an hour drive in itself) then pick up a friend who was going with me to help with the kids who weren’t being seen. Jeffery’s appointment was at 8:30am…today Jaxon’s was at 9:30am (don’t these people know I’m not a morning person!?!? lol)

Jeffery with one of his karate instructors. Karate seems to be one thing we're doing right with dealing with his behavior.

Jeffery’s appointment was pretty short. His doctor come in and we discussed the problems he was having in school and his doctor said he’s pretty sure he’s bi-polar. I am trying to find a psychiatrist closer to home than in Charlottesville who takes his insurance and am currently working on the paperwork for one place. A psychiatrist is the only person who can officially diagnose Jeffery and if needed put him on medication. I did feel a sense of “we’re on the right track” and that hopefully Jeffery’s behavior will be on the path to getting better. The doctor said he no longer needs to see Jeffery and it’s all on the psychiatrist *shew*, no more long trips for him!

He's ALWAYS happy!!!

Jaxon’s appointment was quite long, because they wanted to do the Bayley testing on him as well as his development doctor see him. The Bayley testing wasn’t bad, Jaxon is such a laid back kid he didn’t care what they did to him lol. They put him in a chair that’s similar to a highchair and he went along with whatever they put in front of him, even with them taking things away. In the end his cognitive development is at a 18month level, his receptive speech is at a 15month level and his expressive speech is at a 13month level. The therapist who did the Bayley test and his doctor both agree that Jaxon may have a speech apraxia (Google it…I’m still researching it myself) I’ve texted Jaxon’s developmental therapist and she agrees with them and said we’ll discuss it when she comes next month. Pretty much (from what I got from Kluge today) it’s something that just requires plenty of speech therapy (which he’s already in) Everyone also agrees that Jaxon is NOT at risk for Autism. Jaxon also don’t need to go back over to Kluge unless something else comes up!

All in all, they were great visits! I feel like I’m doing all the right things for both boys and on the right track with Jeffery!

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