#HolidayPalooza – Santa’s Hideout (review)

Having older kids who know what they want for Christmas, it can be hard to remember what all they’ve told me they want for Christmas. I’m glad there is now Santa’s Hideout…a site the kids can create their lists for Santa so I can’t forget what they want!

Santa’s Hideout is a great site that parents go sign up, then add the kids. Parents can even limit how many things they can ask for, as well as a price limit! I created a FREE account and set it up for Jeffery and Jaylin…I helped them add things they’ve been asking for and it was so simple! Jeffery can do it on his own since he can spell, he can type in what he wants to search for, such as “cars” and all kinds of Lightning McQueen stuff popped up and all he had to do was click “Add to List” under the toys he wanted and bam…DONE! The lists don’t have to be just for you, you can share the lists with family and friends so they know what they can buy for your kids and if someone buys. Whoever has access to the list can mark when they have bought something so no 2 people will buy the same thing! The parents have all the control too, if you see something on the list that shouldn’t be, you can delete it!

On Santa’s Hideout you can even send emails “From” Santa, such as reminding them to be good, to do their chores. You can select one of the started messages or create your own! How cool would it be for a kid to get an email from Santa that is personalized with their name, and telling them to be good to their brother or sister (and using their names!)

Santa’s Hideout is great for on the go too, you can access the lists on your phone so you can shop from the list in the store 🙂 No more forgetting what you went to the store to buy for them!

I’m happy to use Santa’s Hideout, it’s FREE and useful!!!

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    im gonna check into this sounds like a great ideal