#GoingGreen – GoGo Natural (review/giveaway)

Hi, my name is Jackie and I’m now addicted to cloth diapers. Haha! I seriously love all the cute diapers that are out there! GoGo Natural sent me a cute little Dinkledooz One Size diaper to add to my stash for Justin!

GoGo Natural is a company that was built to empower other women to live their dreams of financial prudence with good environmental stewardship. The idea for the company sprung forth one Winter day while hiking down a mountain in Arizona. As a new Mom who had recently been introduced to cloth diapering, I wondered how I could live my dream of staying at home with my baby while also doing something noble and pure for the betterment of future generations. All at once it seemed to jump out at me…I wanted to ‘go natural’ with my baby but I also wanted to help other women ‘go natural’ with their babies. In short, I wanted to GoGo Natural! And the rest is history as they say.

Now I’ll admit, brown isn’t usually a color I pick to put my kids in unless it’s a monkey. But this Dinkledooz is cute with the contrasting red snaps! I am VERY fond of the diapers that are one size and lasts from newborn all the way up to potty training. The price is nice too, $14.95 for one and they come in 5 different colors too!

Justin in his Chocolate Dinkledooz One Size diaper from Go Go Natural

Back of the Dinkledooz One Size

GoGo Natural has a WIDE variety of cloth diaper brands to choose from, all with great prices! They also sell a variety of other products such as cloth wipes, inserts, wet bags and pail liners, items for mom like hooter hiders, and many many many other baby products! The Giveaway: GoGo Natural is giving one of my readers a cloth diaper (winner chooses boy, girl or gender neutral).

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I received products for the purpose of reviewing at no cost to me. All opinions expressed are of my own and not influenced by anything or anyone.


  1. Karhma /

    I’d like to try the Softbums Omni.

  2. sarah d /

    applecheeks diaper system! I have been dying to try!

  3. Amy Ruth Smith /

    I would like to try the Blueberry Deluxe One Size Pocket Diaper Snap Closure, they monkey print would look adorable on my little man!!

  4. Amy Ruth Smith /

    I would like to try the Blueberry Deluxe One Size Pocket Diaper Snap Closure.. the monkey design is adorable!!

  5. Love the SoftBums Omni

  6. Stacey T /

    I’d like to try to Grovia Hybrid system

  7. Ali Peterson /

    I would really like to try an Apple Cheeks diaper!

  8. Beth R /

    I like the GroVia Newborn All In One Diaper robots

  9. Emily /

    Bum genius 4.0

  10. Julie L. /


  11. katk /

    Charlie banana newborn

  12. Ranu Tanu /

    AMP One Size Duo Pocket Diaper

  13. steph /

    bumgeniius 4.0 OS!

  14. Krystal /

    I love my bumGenius Freetimes!

  15. kelly /

    I want to try a sugar peas hemp fitted.

  16. Katie L /


  17. Charlotte R /

    I like the Kissaluvs Marvels One-Size Fitted Diapers

  18. Amy S /

    I like Planet Wise wet bags.

  19. Christena /

    Grovia AIO

  20. Rachel Williams /

    http://www.gogonatural.com/Babykicks-Fitted.html I need a hemp fitted sooo bad!

  21. jamie /

    Love the tots bots easy fit diapers!

  22. Nikole H. /

    I would love to try an AMP OS Duo Pocket Diaper!

  23. Amy M. /

    I love the Flip covers and they are even on sale!!!!

  24. I want to try the willowpads prefolds.

  25. tami /

    love the iplay swim socks!

  26. Elizabeth Wisniewski /

    I’d love to try one of sampler packages like the pocket sampler.

  27. Nicole T /


  28. Melanie /

    Rumparooz! I’m a huge fan.

  29. Linda /

    Amber teething necklace

  30. Becky Worthman /

    any of the pocket diapers. They also have wool care supplies

  31. love the GroVia™ All-In-One

  32. Raquel Beaty /

    Applecheeks little bundle! I would love to try one!

  33. Laurie C /

    I really like Thirsties Duo AIOs.

  34. I like the GroVia Newborn All In One Diaper – Mod Nature :) SO cute

  35. susan varney /

    i like the little beetle learners training pants

  36. debnmike moretti /

    i love the BG Freetime

  37. Jessica O /

    I would love to try the Blueberry training diapers!

  38. Jamie /

    I like the Bummis Organic Cotton Diaper Kit.

  39. Justice Montgomery /

    I LOVE the BerryPlush Diaper Covers! I just wish they came in OS rather than sized. Ack!

  40. Carrie /

    I like the baltic amber teething necklaces.

  41. Karen /

    I really like flip diapers but would love to try some of the others

  42. Jessica /

    I like the BerryPlush All-in-One Cloth Diaper

  43. Allison Downes /

    I love the Thirsties Duo All In One

  44. Sandy VanHoey /

    I like the Little-To-Big Beetle Organic Velour Diaper

  45. Vickie Couturier /

    GroVia™ Cloth Wipes 12 Pack

  46. deltaflute /

    sugar peas hemp fitted

  47. Olivia /

    I love GoGoNatural, they are my go to place for my cloth diapers!

  48. Jeanna Pelton /

    I much prefer the pocket cloth diapers

  49. They have nosefrida. Gotta love that..


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