Happy Birthday Jaylin


Today you turned 6 years old. I remember 6 years ago holding you for the first time. You were as beautiful then as you are now. I now can see that your beauty is more than looks because you are a wonderful little girl on the inside as well. I can’t get over how much you enjoy reading and I’m so proud of you for it. You also have a very kind heart and love your brothers (well, at least your little brothers) My heart melts every time I see you helping Jaxon or hugging Justin for no reason. Each year you get older I can see a little more of your personality coming out and I’m enjoying watching you blossom into this little girl you’ve become. I see you joke around with your best friend and try to make her laugh as much as she makes you laugh. Even though you are shy, I can see when that sometimes isn’t the case and you become goofy and crazy…I enjoy watching you interact with others. New classmates in gymnastics you aren’t afraid to talk to them and be yourself…where a year ago I can see where you would have just stayed to yourself. You are becoming braver and doing more outgoing things…I watch you in gymnastics walk across the high balance beam without your coach even beside you!

Jaylin, I love you. I am so very proud of you. I’m proud of what you do and I’m proud of what you’ve become so far. I can’t wait to watch you grow up more! Happy sixth birthday princess!!!





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Jackie is a stay at home mom to five wonderful children, 4 boys and a girl ages from infant to 10 years old. Her life is anything but calm, most days it's pure mayhem. You can follow her on twitter @monkey_mayhem
Jackie Staples


  1. Happy belated birthday to your daughter! Sounds like she’s a sweetie.