#HolidayPalooza Hearts For Hearts Girls (review/giveaway)

Jaylin is a girly girl. She loves animals (stuffed and live), tea parties, pretend playing house and playing with dolls. I come across a great company that makes dolls from all around the world and includes a little book about the country the doll is from. The company is Hearts 4 Hearts Girls and I am excited to tell you about them.

Jaylin’s Consuelo doll in the packaging.

Jaylin got Consuelo from Mexico and she couldn’t be happier with it. She was able to read parts from the little book and asked me what Mexico was and I told her it was a country and that’s where her doll is from. Now she goes around telling everyone she has a doll from Mexico and shows them her book that has a small map with where Mexico is.

Jaylin with her Consuelo doll.

Capture the colorful warmth of Mexico with our Consuelo doll! Like all Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls, Consuelo stands 14 inches high and has a poseable, smooth vinyl body, and high-quality rooted hair for hours of doll play. Her hair is a waist-length fall of shining black and her eyes are deep brown with copper highlights.

Consuelo comes dressed in a ruffled, lace-trimmed turquoise skirt and a lime-green blouse with lively floral embroidery on the collar.

Accessories include:

  • Silvery hoop earrings strung with bright beads
  • Color-coordinated bangle bracelets
  • Festive hot pink flower head band.
  • Bright pink shoes with silky ribbon ties
  • Doll-sized hair comb with hair elastic
  • Girl-sized H4HG power bracelet
  • Beautiful mini storybook about Consuelo’s life

She come with a lot of accessories and within a matter of a few days Jaylin had already lost them. I didn’t like that they were so small, Jeff had even found one earring or bracelet in Justin’s mouth. But, the ones that are on her are nice and I told Jaylin that’s all she really needed. If Jaylin had listened to me and kept everything in the box that comes with her doll and put it up in her room…she wouldn’t have lost everything…but what does Mommy know, right?

You can buy a Hearts 4 Hearts Girls doll for $27.99. You can choose from many different countries including a few girls from the US.

The Giveaway: One lucky reader will win THEIR CHOICE of Hearts 4 Hearts Girls doll!
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I received products for the purpose of reviewing at no cost to me. All opinions expressed are of my own and not influenced by anything or anyone.


  1. Priscilla Benavides /

    These Dolls are so detailed!

  2. Gianna /


  3. Sarah Yurga /

    I like Dell

  4. Nicole /

    Lauryce is super cute, but I would have a tough time choosing!!

  5. Elizabeth Miller /


  6. I would choose Consuelo from Mexico.

  7. Leah Shumack /

    My daughter would love either Dell or Lillian

  8. Beverly M /

    I would choose Dell from the USA, but they are all cute dolls. Thanks for this contest!

  9. Lauren USA doll

  10. kellie /

    i would pick zelia

  11. Nicole Larsen /

    I’d choose Lauryce!

  12. Jamie Martin /


  13. shirley zolenski /

    I like
    Lauryce Doll

  14. Amy DeLong /


  15. Brenda Elsner /

    I would choose Lauryce.

  16. I would choose the Hearts For Hearts Girls – Zelia from Brazil

  17. Melissa VandenBerg /

    Dell…..these are gorgeous. Thanks

  18. Vikki Billings /

    I would choose this one, Lauryce Doll

  19. Brooke R. /

    I like Lilian

  20. Dawn Reid /


  21. Sarah Harding /

    I like Dell.

  22. Saver Sara /


  23. I like Rachel.

  24. Carol Mclemore /

    I would pick Dell

  25. In the Hammock /

    lauryce. thanks!

  26. Jennifer Peaslee /

    I would choose Lauryce!

  27. kathy pease /

    id choose dell

  28. susan smoaks /

    i like Rahel

  29. Shirley Hicks /

    i like dell

  30. Lisa Garner /

    I would choose Consuelo!

  31. Kat Emerick /

    I love them all.. but Hearts For Hearts Girls – Dell from USA looks almost like my granddaughter.

  32. Susan Robison /

    Hearts For Hearts Girls – Rahel from Ethiopia is ADORABLE!!! wantwantwantwant…

  33. survey stopped working for me at the what devices do you use question so I wasn’t able to complete it. There was a question but no answers available. Just a blank page after the question.

  34. They all are adorable! I like Consuelo, Rahel and Lauryce

  35. amy deeter /

    i like Lillian

  36. cynthia layton /


  37. ReggieMann /

    I would choose the Lauryce Doll

  38. Carolyn Gates /

    I would choose Dell.

  39. Samantha Meyer /

    Dell is my favorite!

  40. kristy /

    I would choose the lovely Dell

  41. I like the Lauryce Doll.

  42. Kellie Conklin /

    Tough decision! I would choose either Lauryce from the USA or Tipi from Laos, they area all very pretty and unique! Thanks!

  43. Melissa Nix /

    I would pick Consuelo. She looks just like my little cousin who I would love to give this to.

  44. Tara V /

    I would select Dell

  45. I like dell.

  46. shawna /

    I would like Lillian.

  47. Nicole N /

    I like Lauryce.

  48. Kirby McCauley /

    I would choose Tipi!

  49. Sandy V. /

    Lillian of Belarus.

  50. Daniel M /

    my niece would love Dell!

  51. I like Dell

  52. Nicole C. /

    I would choose Dell.

  53. Charlene /

    I would choose Consuelo :)

  54. Gennie Lancaster /

    My daughter would love Lilian!

  55. Nicole Lancaster /

    I would pick Rahel from Ethopia.

  56. Crystal F /

    I think my daughter would like Zelia! Thank you!

  57. brittney /

    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  58. I would pick Dell.

  59. Karen Gonyea /

    I’d go with Rahel :)

  60. Tabathia B /

    Nahji from India

  61. Sharon Schoepe /

    I would pick Lilian

  62. Mellissa C /

    I would pick Rahel.

  63. sabrina M /

    I like lauryce she looks just like my daughter and she would love her

  64. sabrina M /

    I would like lauryce ! She looks just like my daughter and she would love her !

  65. Rich Morris /

    Lauryce Doll for my daughter

  66. Leah CB /

    I would pick Lauryce from New Orleans, my daughter would love her!

  67. I loved Dell and Rahel. They are so beautiful.

  68. Carolyn N. /

    I would choose Dell.
    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

  69. I would choose Dell, but they are all pretty.

  70. Jessica /

    I would choose Dell

  71. Jessica H. /

    We love Nahji. She is so beautiful!

  72. Audra Weathers /

    I would pick Zelia from Brazil. My daughter would love her!

  73. Michelle Frame /

    I would choose Dell

  74. Kristy Thiel /

    I think my daughter would love Lauryce!

  75. Stephanie Larison /

    My daughter loves dolls, Dell is cute!

  76. I would choose Tipi from Laos.

  77. Nicole /

    my daughter would love Lauryce!

  78. melissa madison /


  79. Pauline M /

    I would love Zelia from Brazil. This is where my parents are from!

  80. Tiffany Overton /

    I love Lilian from Belarus. She is beautiful!

  81. I’d pick Lauryce

  82. Tari Lawson /

    I would choose Laurice.

  83. Christine Jensen /

    Tipi is darling. I think that is who I would choose.

  84. Valerie Taylor Mabrey /

    vmkids3 at msn dot com



  86. Kelly H. /

    I would choose Lauryce.

  87. tracey byram /

    I’d choose Lauryce.

  88. Monique Rizzo /

    I like Lillian.
    Thanks for the chance.

  89. Zelia seems like fun! But, really they are all adorable.

  90. Michelle Bryan /

    i would choose Dell.

  91. Emily N /

    I would choose Lauryce from the USA.

  92. I like Lauryce and Lilian….they look closest to my daughter

  93. Sandy VanHoey /

    I would choose Dell

  94. Dell from the US

  95. melissa n /

    I would chose either Dell or Consuelo.

  96. Karen Medlin /

    I would choose Rahel, doll from Ethiopia

  97. katie l /


  98. Joyce Mlinek /

    I like Lauryce.

  99. latanya /

    Rahel doll is pretty

  100. debbie jackson /

    I like Dell or Tipi

  101. Ellen C. /

    I like Lillian. Thanks for the chance.

  102. clarissa /

    i kind of like zelia

  103. Vickie Couturier /


  104. Mary Beth Elderton /

    i like Lillian

  105. Ashley S /

    I like Tipi!