I Have Resilient Kids

A week ago today Jaxon had a crazy freak asthma attack while we were out of state. As if being on a mini-vacation and sleeping somewhere that isn’t home isn’t crazy enough for a 3 year old, he had to be rushed to an ER and surrounded by people he had never seen before then given medicine and a breathing treatment he hasn’t needed in months and honestly probably didn’t ever remember getting one before.

My poor baby with an ear infection and still having some wheezing from his asthma..cuddling with Mommy.

Fast forward to Monday…his bus arrives and I go out to let them know what happened and that I was taking him to the doctor for a follow-up. He had expected to go and he cried that he couldn’t go to school. Then he was forced to go to the doctor and be seen by a doctor he hadn’t seen before, was checked all over and even had his finger pricked…he sat there like a big boy and didn’t scream at all. Both my little boys were diagnosed with an ear infection in their left ears and was told how too treat both their issues with breathing (Justin was just congested) I was told not to let him go to school the next day and he could go back on Wednesday.

Tuesday he broke my heart. I went out to his bus to give them the doctor’s note and when I come back he was standing at the door with only his tshirt on and his backpack in his hands…he cried when the bus pulled off without him. We spent that day running around getting everything his school would need to give him a nebulizer treatment if needed during school hours.

Wednesday I had a note typed out for his teacher letting her know everything that had happened and what I was including in his backpack (neb supplies and med) and asked her to call me if they needed anything else regarding giving him a neb treatment at school. He had a neb treatment before the bus come, got his steroid medicine and was waiting by the door when his bus arrived. He practically ran to the bus! Later that day I got a call from his teacher saying he was back to his normal self. As if he hadn’t missed 2 days of school and had a very trying weekend. There was only 1 more form I needed filled out but she said it wasn’t needed right away and that everything I had sent in was enough that if he needed a treatment they could give it to him.

Jaxon is back to himself, what asthma attack? What ER visit?

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Jackie is a stay at home mom to five wonderful children, 4 boys and a girl ages from infant to 10 years old. Her life is anything but calm, most days it's pure mayhem. You can follow her on twitter @monkey_mayhem
Jackie Staples


  1. So glad that he is back to himself. Kids are resilient.

  2. Priscilla Benavides says:

    I cannot imagine what it feels like to have to take my child to the ER! Your son is very brave to have gone through it and then be back to normal in such a short period!! He sure is resilient!!

  3. Moments like these can be scary for kids, luckily they are strong, more than we usually give them credit for. My son got a cut above his eye when he was 2, ended up getting stitches and doesn’t remember any of it. I have pictures to prove it! He never cried when we were at the ER, even during the stitches

  4. Glad he is feeling better. My 5 year old has asthma too, and I know how scary the attacks can be.. we’re actually traveling up North (from Florida) in a few weeks, and I’m so worried that his asthma is going to act up from the cold!

  5. In the Hammock says:

    wow, kids really are resilient!! sounds like you and your family have been through a lot, best wishes!

  6. That is such a scary experience. I had asthma as a child (my parents were heavy smokers), but I grew out of it as I got older thank goodness.

  7. That sounds like a scary experience. glad he was not traumatized by it

  8. Stephanie says:

    ear infections and asthma problems are no fun hope they start feeling better!

  9. Vickie Couturier says:

    when my son was little he was sick a lot an everytime we went an he saw a white coat ,he would have a melt down,so I finally asked the Dr if when we were on the schedule if he would not wear his white coat an he agreed an it went so much better,,,it could have been a bear in a white coat an he would have freaked out

  10. Karen Medlin says:

    It is easy to forget that what seems like a small change of seeing another doctor to us could be frightening to the kids. The kids are strong because you support and love them and will be there for them in the end. Good to hear they are all bouncing back, and getting rid of the ear infections and asthma problems.