Growing Up

I am having a hard time with Jeffery growing up. He is doing things normal 7/8 year old boys would do. He enjoyed his first season of football and can’t wait until next year. The other week I got a text from his football coach inviting Jeffery to a team sleepover at his house. Jeffery had never slept over at someone’s house without either me or Jeff with him. I was more nervous about it than Jeffery was. There was a little drama at school with one of his teammates (who happened to be the coach’s son) and I was able to get that cleared up easily. You see, even though I knew the coach, went to school with him and graduated with his wife, go to church with them and even his mom and I fully trusted Jeffery in his hands, it was hard to let my “baby” go for an entire night.

The day I dropped him off I was told I could stick around for a bit…so I did. I stood around and talked to the mom and kept peeking out at Jeffery. They had a PERFECT day for this as it was a NICE day. Jeffery is one of the youngest and the 2nd smallest on his team so I worried about him being picked on. But as soon as we pulled up he took off running to play with the other boys. Before I even left, he was sweaty and barely even give me a hug as I was leaving…he could have cared less if I was still there or not. I knew he was having a good time and I was reassured many times by the coach that he’d be fine.

That night I stayed up til well past midnight with my phone beside me…waiting on that phone call. A phone call that never happened. I got a few Facebook comments from the coach about what they were doing and how he was doing….yes after midnight I even got one that they were still up and watching a movie. I slept restless that night. Wondering what he was doing, if he was getting along with the boys and if he ever went to sleep.

The next morning I got a text of a picture of Jeffery eating breakfast with the other 7 boys who were there for the night (goodness…the coach was by himself all night with 8 boys! His wife went to another sleepover with their daughters.) They all looked so happy. I went and got him later and the first words out of Jeffery’s mouth were “I had 8 s’mores Mommy!” I was told they didn’t go to sleep until around 2am and ate pizza, s’mores and cake pops. They played outside most of the evening and into the night thanks to a fire pit and outdoor lights on the basketball court.

First sleepover…HUGE success! Hopefully his next one I won’t be so nervous about.

This boy is growing up too fast in some areas and while I laugh about it…it does have me slightly worried. I had a meeting with his teacher, counselor (for one on one help through the day) and assistant principal the other day. I got a great report on him and we were able to adjust his Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) in a good direction. While waiting on copies of something we were all talking and I was told Jeffery got in trouble for KISSING A GIRL! This boy isn’t even 8 yet! In the end they found out the little girl kissed him and they’ve also been caught holding hands. I was told this little girl is perfect for Jeffery because when he does something she don’t like….she let’s him know and lays into him about it. He just takes it…he rocks (he does this when he’s nervous or just not doing anything…part of his sensory) and stares blankly at her while she’s letting him have it. Jeffery refers to this little girl as his girlfriend and hasn’t said any other girl’s name. I have to say I was worried at one point that his behavior/immature issues that he would have a problem with making friends…especially girl ones. Apparently I don’t have to worry about that. At the sleepover before the mom left with the girls I asked the one daughter who is in his class about if he has a girlfriend and she even said the same girl’s name.

It’s so interesting to see how he’s growing up. But makes me sad at the same time.

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  1. He sure is growing up fast! That’s funny he was having such a good time he didn’t care if you were still there or not. I remind myself all the time to get as many hugs as I can from my grandsons because there will come a day when they’ll be too embarrassed to hug me, especially out in public!!