A Month Of Many Firsts

The past month has been crazy…I’ve been going what seems like nonstop. First I’ll make a list of all the firsts of the last month and then go into more details.

  1. We celebrated a year of Justin being with us on October 18th
  2. Jeffery had his first championship football game.
  3. Jeffery had his first Black Belt Club class after being invited.
  4. Jaxon had his first field trip.
  5. Jeffery and Jaylin got their first report cards of the year.
  6. I had the first Parent/Teacher conference for Jaxon.
  7. I have my first lactose intolerant child.

Justin on his 1st Birthday!

Yes, my baby is 1 year old now. I can’t believe how this past year has FLOWN by! I remember what seems like not so long ago I was scared that we may wake up one day and him not be with us…it was a very scary few months. I look at every day as a blessing after that. He is such a sweet little happy boy. I can’t even count the number of times I’m told that he’s always so happy…he rarely cries. I’m truly blessed to be able to be called his mommy. We didn’t do a huge deal for his birthday, spent the day with my aunt out and about and enjoyed being together.

This was Jeffery’s first year of football and his team went the whole season only losing 2 of the regular season games…and both loses were to the same team. They faced that team in the championship this past month. Unfortunately they lost but he had fun and was so proud that they made it to the championship. He is excited to play again next year and is also relieved that the constant go go go of our lives is a little easier with no more football practice or games through the week (I can’t say I blame him…I’m relieved too). I’m happy he has a sport he enjoys playing and does really well.

Jeffery after his most recent belt promotion to purple belt. He has a black stripe down the middle to signify that he’s a member of Black Belt Club.

Jeffery was invited to Black Belt Club recently. After a lot of thought and finance re-arranging…I agreed he could join. He now has all his sparring gear, screaming sticks, a bo and nun-chucks. He’s enjoying the extra 15min he gets after each class and using the weapons. Black Belt Club also means he’ll be a black belt in the next 3-5 years. Karate is the one thing we strive to keep Jeffery in. Everyone agrees it’s doing wonders for him.

Jaxon on the bus for his first field trip! Does he look excited or what?

Jaxon’s first year of school is off to a great start and he even had his first field trip. I was lucky enough to be able to go with him. The trip was a reward for the pre-school classes for reading a certain number of books. They were rewarded with the Green Valley Book Fair and then Pump-It-Up with pizza afterwards. Each child was given $5 to spend on books while at the fair so I thought that was awesome. At the end while eating pizza I noticed him not eating and he wasn’t acting himself, then realized he was warm. The teacher got their first aid kit and took his temperature, only 99.8, so borderline but nothing to worry about. After an appointment after school when we got home I took his temperature again and it was up to 102. Ever since then we’ve been battling the fever. Took him to the doctor and they couldn’t find anything wrong, did a flu test and that was negative. So we have just been giving him medicine to bring down the fever and letting him relax.

The kids’ had their first report cards come home this past week and I couldn’t be prouder of both of them. All A’s and B’s, and Jeffery’s report card had a LOT less N’s (Needs Improvement)  in the behavior section. Jeffery’s teacher made a note that she’s extremely impressed with his reading skills and that he does still need some improvement with respecting others. Jaylin’s teacher says she’s off to a wonderful start in 1st grade and only needs to work on completing her work in a more timely manner.

Since Jaxon is only in pre-school they don’t have report cards. So today I had a parent teacher conference for him. His teachers had nothing but positive to say about how well he’s transitioned into school and how he’s learning to communicate with them. I loved hearing stories about him in school. They told me one day he was in the bathroom and another child knocked on the door and asked if someone was in there and Jaxon yelled “YEA!” and all the kids were screaming “HE TALKED! JAXON TALKED!!! DID YOU HEAR HIM?” It’s so sweet to hear how excited his classmates get for him! She also said one of the older kids (the class is 3 and 4 year olds) calls him “the baby” and is always looking for him and has to always know where he is.

Jaxon and Justin!

When I took Jaxon to the doctor I also took Justin. Since we switched him from formula to whole milk he has been grouchy, not sleeping and tummy troubles. I initially thought he was just getting used to the whole milk and it would work itself out but it’s been a few weeks and seemed to get worse. We also wasn’t sure if it was the milk or because we had started using the heat more and it’s dry…maybe he didn’t like it. I know I wake up with a sore throat some mornings. But after buying a humidifier and that not helping him sleep, I decided the doctor was the next stop. After talking to her she diagnosed him with Lactose Intolerance/Milk Allergy. Last night was the first night of Lactaid and he slept all night and slept sound! So yes, he’s my first lactose intolerant child…Jaylin was even on soy milk as a baby but transitioned into whole milk no problem. My poor little guy, I’m just happy he’s better now though.

So yea, that’s been a summary of our many firsts of the past month…that’s a lot for a 30 day period!

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  1. Vickie Couturier says:

    they will keep coming,probably so fast you wont be able to keep up with them,but enjoy the ones you can

  2. You have the cutest kids! I can’t believe your baby boy has turned a year old already!

  3. That is a lot of firsts. We just had a first last month. My daughter had her first birthday.

  4. Priscilla Benavides says:

    You have such a precious family! God Bless You!!

  5. Busy, Busy! That is great about your son in Karate. We have been throwing around the idea of sending our boys to classes. I think it will help in many aspects of life including self restraint, focus and overall respect.

  6. What a lot of firsts! Glad you figured out the lactose issue!

  7. what a busy month for you

  8. Stephanie says:

    aww so cute!

  9. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Such a beautiful family! My son earned a 2nd degree black belt–when you look back after he is older, you will be able to see just how amazing this works for self-discipline.

  10. Karen Medlin says:

    Jeffery’s had quite a few 1st this year!! Congrats to Jeffery for his invitation to the Black Belt Club ! Congrats to Jaylin on her report card.. hope it was good one and many more to come and Happy Belated Birthday to Justin and we can’t forget a big congratulations to Jaxon on his field trip! Time sure does fly!! Happy 1st to the proud Mama!

  11. That sure is a lot of firsts! Glad to hear they’re all doing great though! I hope Jaxon feels better soon <3