Top Asian Destinations for Bringing in the New Year 2013 #Sponsored

There are several Asian countries where you can enjoy bringing in the New Year 2013. Each country has unique festivities that tourists can participate in. Details about how these nations celebrate are below.

The City-Island in Singapore welcomes thousands of revelers from around the world to ring in the New Year in style. The central point for New Year’s Eve celebrations in Singapore is the Marina Bay area. Every year the Singaporeans, residents and visitors are invited to compose their New Year wishes on white wishing spheres. These spheres will be set afloat in Marina Bay to create a spectacular visual arrangement. There will also be free music performances on St. Sylvester and some of Singapore’s new talents will perform during the free “Happy 3+65” concert at the Promotory Marina Bay from 10:00pm to 1:00am.

The Tet Nguyen Dan Vietnam holidays 2013 Celebrations will be exciting and fun. The Vietnamese begin preparing several weeks before the beginning of the Tet Nguyen Dan which is the Vietnamese New Year. This year they will play gongs and light firecrackers throughout the night because they believe that the loud noises will repel bad luck. There will be colorful street parades with dragon and lion dances. It is traditional for the elders of many families to hand out red envelopes with money called phong bao mung tuoi after family feasts.

The Japanese New Year has been celebrated since 1873. This is when Japan adopted the Gregorian calendar and the first day of January officially became the cultural New Year’s Day. The Japanese people partake of a special selection of dishes called osechi-ryōri. The ingredients include boiled seaweed, fish cakes, mashed sweet potato and chestnut, burdock root, and sweet black soybeans. Tourists can join the crowds to do the hatsumode which is the year’s first visit to a shrine or temple. Some of the most popular temples are in Tokyo and Kyoto. The festivities are held at almost every shrine and temple across the country. The local set up food stands and people get in line for prayers at the main hall. It is traditional for people to buy lucky charms for a fortunate new year. The temples ring their bells several times at midnight.

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is planning on bringing in the New Year with a huge countdown event for the first time in its history. About 50,000 people are expected to show up at the 6.5 hectare Myoma Ground in Rangoon. Attractions will include appearances by Burmese celebrities, music and food kiosks. Burmese military members will provide security.

The Chinese New Year is an important festival that is celebrated in Malaysia. They decorate private residences, streets and commercial properties with traditional red ornaments that are meant to chase away bad spirits away. The 15-day celebration period involves fireworks, dragon and lion dances and delectable Chinese dishes. Many people have open houses during the second or the third days of the Chinese New Year’s celebrations to encourage outsiders to participate in the activities.

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