Walgreens (Review/Giveaway)

The other week while I was tending to Justin after his surgery, Walgreens was having a “Night at the W” which was a free beauty-themed event. It was on Janurary 10th and everyone was invited to go to their local Walgreens to talk to their Beauty Advisor on how to get a glamourous new look for the new year and would also have a chance to win great prizes.

I have a few tips from Tim Gunn, the “Godfather of Style” and fashion consultant, these are all things you can purchase at your local Walgreens!

  • Crest Whitestrips to get a “camera-ready smile”. It’s a 2 hour treatment that you can put on while you are getting ready.
  • Olay Facial Hair Remover, you know you wax it, or pluck it but Olay has come out with a great product to remove it and leave your skin nice.
  • Lipstick and Nail Polish.
  • Pantene Expert Collection AgeDefy Thickening Treatment. Not every woman has thick hair and as women age their hair tends to thin, Pantene will give you that gorgeous thick hair!
  • Water. Stay hydrated to keep your skin moisturized (as well as using a good moisturizer) and you can make your features pop with the right makeup.

Walgreens Beauty Prize Pack

The Giveaway: One of my readers will win a prize pack from Walgreens that includes:

Crest® 2 HR Express Whitestrips; Olay® Facial Hair Removal (Medium to Coarse); Pantene® Expert Collection AgeDefy Thickening Treatment; CoverGirl® Clump Crusher (Very Black); CoverGirl Jumbo Gloss Balm; and CoverGirl Nail Gloss.
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I received products for the purpose of reviewing at no cost to me. All opinions expressed are of my own and not influenced by anything or anyone.


  1. kimberly snyder /

    water, moisturizer. and i love to soak in epsom salts bath

  2. Sherry S. /

    Drink lots of water and moisturize everyday.

  3. dani marie /

    wet your face before you moisturize. helps it sink in and you use less .

  4. Drink plenty of water.

  5. Jennifer /

    Use Vaseline to remove eye makeup.

  6. beth shepherd /

    drink lots of water and wash your face before you go to bed.

  7. Mary R /

    Drink lots of water

  8. Drink lots of water and use lotion

  9. Yoshimi /

    put liquid lotion before applying make up!

  10. I just like the use makeup softly, not too much.

  11. Jessica F /

    I use vaseline for soft lips at night :)

  12. Amanda Hoffman /

    use lotion on your face once a day

  13. drinking lots of water
    Thanks for the giveaway! Janna Johnson jannajanna@hotmail.com Janna@feedyourpig on gfc

  14. stephanie /

    wash my face at night

  15. Tammy Shelton /

    It’s no secret… drink lots of water, and no soda…ever.

  16. Drink lots of water. It’s important to hydrate from the inside.

  17. Cynthia R /

    face moisturizer that has spf protection even if cloudy out, rays can still get you

  18. Mary Calabrese /

    I wash my face every single night.

  19. My new favorite tip is BB cream it is great stuff covers, moisturizes, sun screen all in one I love it

  20. Rhonda Grisham /

    Moisture!! Daily, nightly.

  21. Tracy L Davis /

    always wash your make up off at night

  22. clarissa /

    a healthy diet goes a long way to improve exterior beauty

  23. Heather S /

    In winter use heavier moisturizer at night

  24. Christine /

    use sunscreen regularly

  25. Tari Lawson /

    I put my mascara on the bottom lashes first to prevent smudging.

  26. Cynthia C /

    I moisturize and use sunscreen regularly and try to stay hydrated.

  27. Sandy VanHoey /

    My tip is keeping your face moisturized, morning and evening before bed.

  28. tracey byram /

    Exfoliate and moisturize daily.

  29. brittney /

    always use primer

  30. Geet Maha /

    I wash my face and moisturize daily!

  31. Lisa Baker /

    Moisturize well. And use coconut oil on the ends of hair to keep ‘em soft.

  32. Margaret Smith /

    One of the most important is to wash makeup off every night. Never go to bed with your makeup on.
    Thanks so much.

  33. I put baking soda on my toothpaste while brushing my teeth to help keep them white.

  34. Use unscented baby wipes to rid your face of makeup. Thanks.

  35. I try to avoid direct sunlight and heavy makeup products, I also moisturize at the slightest sign of dry skin

  36. Denice P /

    One of my beauty tips is that I use coca butter lotion n my skin and it keeps my skin smoother.

  37. Amanda L. /

    I always put sunscreen on my face, so that I keep my face from getting sunburned.

  38. Jennifer B /

    exfoliate with brown sugar

  39. Vickie Couturier /

    Ive used Oil of Olay for 30 yrs an im now 57 with harldy any wrinkles

  40. Jammie /

    drink lots of water because it helps with complexion and makes your true beauty show more.

  41. Angela M /

    Use an SPF moisturizer during the day

  42. debbie jackson /

    moisturize daily debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  43. I moisturize early and often.

  44. moisturize early and often :)

  45. janice /

    Wear sunscreen everyday.

  46. Linda Kish /

    Wash with warm, not hot water. Pat dry. Use moisturizer with SPF in it.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  47. Leanne M /

    Wash and mosturize, morning and night.

  48. Evelyn Goettner /

    exfoliate weekly and moisturize daily!

  49. christie /

    use kosher salt with a little bit of milk for a facial scrub.

  50. Lindsay /

    I make the face masks made of gelatin and milk warmed up. They really do the trick.