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Active families can be hard to control. That’s why you need your home design to help you rather than hinder you. You want a place that the whole family can come together in and feel comfortable. This is a space where quality family time can be spent every day. The following article lists design ideas for active families.

This is the living room before we moved in. It still looks like this besides the furniture is now in there lol. I need to decorate more.

Back to reality

You need to think about how you live and how your family functions. Will your highly designed room serve any function to the family or will it just be destroyed by active children.

Why wait?

You don’t have to put your decorating dreams on hold. Don’t wait till the children have grown up; let them be part of the design process. They are part of the family after all and assisting with the process may help them appreciate the finished product more. Decorating is about creating a space to enjoy, a sanctuary. Start by deciding what you would like to keep and what you can dispose of. You should only keep items that add to the space and that have a special family memory behind them.


Keeping your design simple does not mean it will be boring. This is about creating a design that will suit your family’s active life. Less is truly more. Think about the cleaning, the less elements you have means the less you will have to clean.


Consider your budget and buy the best quality furniture you can afford. Cheap furniture will save you money now but will most likely cost you more money in the long run when the furniture has to be replaced.


There is a right way to do this and a wrong way. The irreplaceable accessories should be placed up higher; the stronger generic accessories can be placed lower. You want to try keeping these things away from the children so make sure they can access their toys and goodies easily.


Storage is the best way to keep your house looking organised, clutter control. You can never have too much storage. If you already have large shelves just simply add a basket or a couple so you can throw things in, this is great for when an unexpected guest decides to drop in. Anything that you can purchase with extra storage you should buy. You will thank yourself for it later.
If you are building from the grown up you should relook over the designs. Will this design make everyday family life easier? Maddison Estate are all about finding out your needs and building a home to suit, not the other way around. You want to feel at home in your house.

Written by Jasmine Poole

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