Karate – 2 Months In

I started doing karate in May because the place Jeffery takes it was running a Mother’s Day special. Mothers could get a free uniform and take classes all month for free. When Mr. K announced the special at the end of April…Jeffery whipped his head around and give me a you’re going to do it….right mom….right? look. I of course couldn’t say no….what did I have to lose, right?

Honestly, I went into this thinking I would do the month….barely, and then stop. I have a horrible habit of thinking badly of myself. I didn’t think I’d be any good…after all I’m fat. Even though classes are only 30min long and only twice a week…I wasn’t sure I would even survive that. But I went to my first class, knots in my stomach, and come out with a smile on my face. I wasn’t put down for not doing something right, I wasn’t so fat that I couldn’t keep up…no actually I kicked butt! I was praised by the instructor (Mr. K, he’s Jeffery’s instructor as well) and in my head I already knew what was being taught since I’ve watched Jeffery for the past 3 years do it over and over, it was just a matter of making my mind tell my body to do it.

Within the first week or two the instructor give me a pretty big head…he was praising me on how well I kicked and telling Jeffery that he needed to work extra hard because his white belt mom was catching up to him (a blue belt… he’s about 4 or 5 belts ahead of me) I was kicking higher than I thought I ever could and I was keeping up with the class without much of a problem.

Once I went to sign up to continue after my free month was up, I was invited to Ladies Club. It’s a class once a month for just women to get together and practice without having any men around. It’s a lot easier to work out around other women than in class with men…as much as I believe I’m just as good as a man…it’s different to work out around them. It’s honestly hard to explain. Ladies Club is awesome and I’ve made new friends because of it.

The support I got all around from EVERYONE within Brian Mayes Karate was amazing. Master Mayes was excited for me when I told him I wanted to continue…he put me in Black Belt Club (extra 15min after class and training with weapons plus other extra fun stuff) and Ms. Youngblood was awesome to invite me to Ladies Club, she has become an awesome supporter on Facebook for me with positive words and encouragement. Mr. K has been an amazing instructor. I knew he was from watching him with Jeffery but that’s to a kid…ya know it’s different with an adult but I felt comfortable the first class. Being told that Mr. K has talked to Master Mayes about me (in a good way) and hearing how well I’m doing and Mr. K throwing harder things at me saying things like “I know you can do it”. Every “good job” or “awesome work” or “great kick” that I hear just lifts me higher and makes me feel better about myself. Everyone has done nothing but encourage me and that has changed me for the better. I no longer look at myself in a negative light as much. I know I can do this. No one will let me think otherwise.

In the past 2 months I’ve attended classes 2 times a week, every week. Attended a Master Dave Kovar seminar (look him up on YouTube!) and come out from there feeling AWESOME! Did a sword fighting class and come out sweating more than I ever thought possible. Attended two Ladies Club meetings. Participated in 2 weeks of fun (crazy hair day, sports team day, character day and tie dye day). I’ve learned so much, not only about karate itself, but about myself.

Me, Jeffery and Master Dave Kovar

Me, Jeffery and Master Dave Kovar

I look forward to more. This is something I wish I had done a long time ago. I get to do classes with Jeffery and we have some mother/son time. He enjoys it and so do I.

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