Jaxon and Karate

Jaxon has Apraxia. No, he hasn’t been diagnosed with it by a doctor but it’s what all his therapists (current and old) feel and therefore treat him for. Apraxia has been explained to me as an issue between the brain and doing motor functions…most importantly the mouth. I found out since it deals with motor functions that it can affect other motor functions (explains his clumsiness) I mentioned to the therapists about a random thought I had to start Jaxon in karate, the reaction to that was awesome…they all encouraged it and said it would help him in more than his gross motor skills but as his gross motor skills were fine tuned, his speech would come along as well! After speaking to our instructor he agreed to let Jaxon try it and I couldn’t be more excited!


Jaxon with Mr. K

Jaxon with Mr. K

Jaxon started last week…it is so adorable I can barely stand it. Yesterday was his third class and already he’s trying more and he tries to repeat what is asked of him (Mr. K had him counting in Japanese). To hear my little guy say “yes sir” (in his own way) and “aye-ya” (he says it “yeah yeah”) melts my heart. He may not be able to talk but he follows directions pretty well, seeing him doing the stances and punches is awesome. Jeff made the comment the other day that we’re going to have a house full of black belts one day (I have plans to put Justin in it once he’s old enough…he already tries to mimic some moves and he’s been going to watch Jeffery since he was 2 days old)

I have to applaud Mr. K, he’s just as enthused about Jaxon’s speech progress as we (me, Jeff, therapists) are. He constantly asks Jaxon to repeat what he’s said and he has said his first goal is to hear Jaxon say “yes sir” (even after only 3 classes he’s made progress already!) His excitement over hearing Jaxon saying things reminds me of how I act when I hear new words from him as well. Also, Jaxon is only 4 and a couple months so his focus isn’t the greatest and the patience Mr. K has with him is awesome. I know the focus will get better with time.

I’m excited for this new chapter of Jaxon’s progress and can’t wait to see where this takes him.

Just for fun (and because Mr. K mentioned seeing it) a side by side of Jaxon and Jeffery when they first started karate…the picture of Jeffery is a few months in, but it’s the first picture I have of him and Mr. K together (I apparently never got a Gold belt promotion picture)


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