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Did you know on top of everything I do, that I’m also a Girl Scout leader? Yep, I have a small troop of five girls (one of which is Jaylin) and we started meeting just the other month. So far we haven’t done a whole lot but Pintrest has helped me with some awesome ideas. Our first craft was to make campfire skewer holders. Each girl got a size inch dowel that I had a hole drilled into one end and they got to pain them. They loved it. After they were all dry I took wire (uncoated!) clothes hangers and straightened them out to stick in the hole. BAM, campfire sticks. I told them I had a plan to use them in the near future.

Tonight was a big night for two of my Girl Scouts, they were bridging from Daisies to Brownies. I had awesome plans. I picked Big Gem park to hold the ceremony since there was an actual bridge there. Little did I know that it was more than that…did you know there is a whole story as to where the name Brownies come from? It has to do with two little kids who wouldn’t help with the house work and were told a story about Brownies who come clean up the house while everyone was sleeping…one kid went out to find the “Wise Old Owl” who told her to look in the pond to answer a riddle and see a brownie. When all she could see was her reflection she was confused until she spoke with the owl again.

What worked out the best was that the story involved being in the woods and a pond…both of which were at the park I planned to have the ceremony. To begin the ceremony I read the Brownie story and then we went to the bridge and they crossed over and got their new Brownie sashes and pins. After that we went to the pond and recreated part of the story, the girls looked into the pond and saw themselves and I asked them the riddle where they answered “myself” so it was cute. We ended it with the girls saying the Girl Scout Promise for the first time as Brownies.

After all the ceremony I started up a fire and we had s’mores and juice. We laughed and the kids played. It was fun for all. It was also a nice little end of the Summer fun for them since we start school on Monday.

I wish I had pictures to share but I was busy wrangling the boys in between all the official stuff.

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  1. We had the ceremony at a park and decorated a slide with helium balloons and streamers and had the girls slide down the slide to Brownie Girl Scouts!