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Handling the house and handling the kids gets to be a real hassle if you don’t know what to do about it. Things can get messy and germ filled and if you go the other way and clean thoroughly without thought for the child things can quite easily get dangerous. If you just figure out a few things and take care while you’re cleaning you can get your house clean without risking your children’s safety in even the smallest way.

Childproofing the Process

Keep anything with blades or points, and any chemicals up high when you aren’t using them, even if you’re only using them for two minutes at a time. The best way to stop a child mishandling something is to not let them handle it at all. If you’re dealing with the very young even cabinets with corners and fans provide a risk. Childproofed cabinets are a great idea.

Pick the Right Products

A few cleaning products are poisonous, honestly most of them are if you drink them, but even being in the vicinity of some of them as a curious child could cause some real problems. Ammonia for example is pretty much harmless for you, but might be a real problem for your little ones respiratory system. By comparison diluted bleach, which you find in pre-diluted cleaning products, is safe to have around. In addition you need to keep the room ventilated to prevent any possible problems. For more advice on cleaning products that are safe looking at the website for a professional cleaning service like

Keep things Separate but Observed

This is why playpens are a thing. You need to keep your child in a place you can see them but without them being directly involved in the process. Keeping them busy with some activity that just so happens to be in the same room as where you’re cleaning is good. Other than that it might be a good idea to give them an easy but time consuming job they can be doing that will cut down on your workload and keep the kid in eyesight.

I keep Justin in his highchair if I'm busy doing something like cooking or cleaning. Giving him a snack to eat keeps him occupied or I can put a few toys on his tray to keep him occupied for a little while.

I keep Justin in his highchair if I’m busy doing something like cooking or cleaning. Giving him a snack to eat keeps him occupied or I can put a few toys on his tray to keep him occupied for a little while. His chair can be moved where ever I am so I can see him and of course so he can always know where Mommy is.

Call for Backup

Another way to deal with the underfoot problem is to get a babysitter or sibling to keep the kid busy while you’re cleaning, please note, that’s babysitter, not television. Having someone you trust’s eye on the child will let you do what needs to be done unimpeded. If you need to get a lot of cleaning done sending the child to stay at a friends is also a workable system.

Children are a handful and keeping things clean around them is difficult. On the other hand an area that hasn’t been properly cleaned is unhealthy for your children. Keep these simple principles in mind and you have a much more substantial chance of a hassle free clean. Your kids will thank you one day, well probably not, but you’ll know you did well.

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  1. Make your own cleaning products so you know exactly what’s in them.