#HolidayPalooza Petco (review)


This holiday season you don’t want to forget your wonderful pets! We will be welcoming Belle and Pearl home either shortly before Christmas or shortly after. Petco sent us a wonderful box of assorted toys and items for Belle and Pearl to welcome them into our home this year!

I took a couple of the toys over to see Belle and Pearl one day, even at 4 weeks old they were excited to play with the new toys! I had a hard time getting them to sit still for pictures. One of my favorite toys in the box is the Holiday Turkey, a stuffed turkey in a nice holiday vest and bow tie. Below you can see Belle (with her BEAUTIFUL blue eyes! Such a shock and pleasant surprise since Jeff picked our puppies before their eyes were open) with the Holiday Turkey and on top of the Holiday Pie (more pictures of that to come).


As you can see, it’s still pretty big for our pups but once they get big enough, the turkey squeaks when squeezed. Even though it’s still big for our pups, there are smaller parts like the wings, legs and rope knots coming from the legs that the pups can easily play with and even play tug-o-war when they want.

Of the toys I took over for my visit, Pearl’s favorite was the Holiday Pie. It’s too big for them to make squeak but it didn’t stop Pearl from trying to get the berry and leaves off the top.


Look at that adorable face on the pie! Below you can see Belle with both the Holiday Turkey and the Holiday Pie.


Petco has much more than toys for the holidays, they also have apparel for your fur babies like sweaters, coats and dresses. I was sent this coat and while right now it’s too big for Pearl or Belle, they’ll grow into it soon enough!


Photo from Petco.com

I would LOVE to get this dress for the pups! It’s so adorable and I think they’d look great in one.

Photo from Petco.com

Photo from Petco.com

So while you’re shopping for all your family and friends this holiday season, don’t forget to stop at Petco and pick up some for your fur family too!


Pearl says Merry Christmas :)

Pearl says Merry Christmas :)


  1. Allison Downes /

    Aww your puppy is adorable. That holiday pie toy is cute! Thank you for sharing

  2. Elena /

    The puppies are so cute! I love the outfits too.

  3. vickie couturier /

    how cute they are! I just bought my little dog a outfit for next Christmas at walmart 75% off only 2 dollars!

  4. Janet W. /

    Your puppies are precious! My favorite of the toys is the Holiday Pie because I know my dog would enjoy trying to get the pieces on the top off.

  5. The pups are absolutely adorable! And I agree about making sure you include your fur babies when shopping for the holidays, because when I did have pets, we always included them. Now my daughter, son in law and grandkids love to go shopping for surprises for their dogs…so I will definitely tell them to hit Petco!

  6. The pups are so adorable and I bet the kids just can’t wait to welcome them home! i love shopping at PetCo. They have such a great selection of toys and everything else for our pets!

  7. Karen Medlin /

    They are adorable, The Puppies will benefit and enjoy playing with their new toys. It is always cute to watch them play and figure out what the toys does.I noticed Petco had quite a selections of holiday toys for the puppies, my favorite is the Petco Holiday Egg Nog Dog Toy!