#HolidayPalooza – SOL REPUBLIC (review/giveaway)




Just about everyone has that one person on their list they have to buy for and have no idea what to get them. I recently got the opportunity to choose a product from SOL REPUBLIC and as soon as I seen DECK, I knew it was something I would love and could use.

Founded in 2011, SOL REPUBLIC is a global consumer electronics company dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through better-sounding headphones and accessories.  We are music fanatics who develop products from the ground up to make headphones that look, sound and feel unlike anything else in the market.

I had no idea there was a wireless speaker that could be hooked up by Bluetooth. When I get the time to take a nice relaxing back, I take my phone in and put music on…it don’t sound that great. Once I got DECK I couldn’t believe the size, it’s not small but it’s not huge either, it’s perfect. I immediately charged it (through USB) and once it was charged I paired it with my phone. It was simple and I didn’t even need to pull out the instructions to figure it out. Once I was ready to use it I just turned on Bluetooth on my phone and connected it to DECK then started my music…simple. The sound quality is amazing, so much better than just from my phone speaker. The battery is seeming to last forever on a full charge, I even took DECK with me when I borrowed my dad’s car yesterday because his radio is messed up. The + and – for the volume are on the front of the speaker (or top…however you look at it) are raised so even in the dark I was able to turn the volume up and down as my kids were talking to me…I never had to take my eyes off the road.


Here I thought if I got DECK, it’d be mine and mine only, nope. One day while I was gone, Jeff went on a cleaning spree and while he’s cleaning he loves to listen to music. He does the same as I do and uses his phone speaker…not that day. He got a hold of my DECK and said he was able to quickly figure out how to pair his phone up to it and listened to music while he cleaned. I asked what he thought about it and he said “The sound quality is a lot better than I was expecting.”

Features of the DECK include:

R2 Sound Engines

Deliver powerful audio.

360° Full Sound technology

Projects sound at every angle, so you can hear your music from almost anywhere in the room.

Outdoor Mode

Offers a volume boost for use outside.

Heist Mode

Lets you pair up to 5 compatible devices with the speaker.

Up to 300′ wireless range

So you can control the speaker from afar.

60Hz – 20kHz frequency response

For faithful sound reproduction.


Enables hands-free calls.

Rear audio input

For a simple wired connection to a compatible device.


DECK has options for 4 colors as well: Black, Blue, Yellow and Red. ARV for DECK is $199.99.

SOL REPUBLIC also has different styles of headphones, in ear, over ear and also wireless.



The Giveaway: One person will win their CHOICE (1) of DECK, JAX in-ear headphones, TRACKS on-ear headphones or TRACKS AIR on-ear wireless from SOL REPUBLIC.

Open to US Residents Only – Ends December 17, 2013

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I received products for the purpose of reviewing at no cost to me. All opinions expressed are of my own and not influenced by anything or anyone.


  1. Candice Hull /

    I would probably choose the JAX in ear for my husband because I have washed his last two pairs of ear buds

  2. Daniel M /

    Tracks on-ear headphones

  3. Paula Michele Hafner /

    I would pick the Track Air On Ear Wireless Headphones.

  4. I like the deck.

  5. Rebecca Peters /

    I would choose the jax

  6. Jennifer Dunaway /

    I’d choose the TRACKS on-ear headphones

  7. Lindsey Calubayan /

    I would love the Tracks Air for my little brother!

  8. Tim Bowers /

    I’d choose the Tracks Air

  9. Heather B /

    I would choose the Deck I think

  10. I would choose the Deck because it would be perfect for someone I’d like to gift it to.

  11. David Haug /

    Tracks Air for me!

  12. E. Brain /

    i’d like the jax in ear

  13. Tony Chang /

    Blue or Black!

  14. I’d choose the TRACKS air.

  15. Doug M. /

    Tracks over ear headphones

  16. Kyl Neusch /

    the Tracks Air

  17. Carolyn /

    Jax in ear headphones

  18. CJ Godfrey /

    I would choose the Tracks Air!

  19. TRACKS AIR on-ear wireless

  20. Jessica H. /

    If I was lucky enough to win I would choose the Deck. My husband loves to listen to music with his phone too and this would be great. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  21. Catherine /

    I’d choose the TRACKS air.

  22. Kathleen /

    tracks air

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  23. Ann Fantom /

    If I won, I would pick the TRACKS AIR on-ear wireless from SOL REPUBLIC

  24. Lisa Brown /

    the tracks air

  25. harolde /

    Deck for sure, I’ve been wanting one of these!!

  26. saminder gumer /

    i would choose the tracks air.

  27. I’d choose the Tracks Air

  28. Geoff K /

    The TRACKS AIR on-ear wireless headphone would be amazing – I’d use them all the time, no doubt. Thanks!

  29. beth shepherd /

    tracks air

  30. Taylor Allen /

    I would choose the deck! Happy Holidays everyone!

  31. latanya /

    the air tracks headphones

  32. latanya /

    the tracks air headphones

  33. Kimberly Kihega /

    I would choose the Tracks headphones.

  34. Jennifer B /

    I would get the jax in ear

  35. Terri Egelund /

    Tracks on-ear headphones. I don’t like things in my ears.

  36. vickie couturier /

    in ear,headphones

  37. Jonathan Baker /

    I’d definitely pick the Tracks Air; would love a set of wireless phones.

  38. Audra O'Hara /

    I would pick the Deck for my stepson; that would make an awesome Christmas gift.

  39. ET Pruitt /

    I would choose the Tracks Air On-Ear Wireless

  40. soha molina /

    Tracks Air

  41. Karen Medlin /

    I would choose the Deck

  42. Kathy Luman /

    I would get the Tracks on ear.

  43. Debbie Jackson /

    I would choose the deck

  44. Linda Kish /

    I think I would choose the DECK

  45. Craig Borduin /

    I’d love to cop a SOL Republic DECK to play some Christmas music at the Christmas party! :D

  46. Ella Belle /

    I’d choose the jax in ear headphones, I’ve been really wanting them lately

  47. Brian Baylon /

    That is such a hard decision. All of the products are amazing. I am honestly stuck between the Deck or the Tracks Air. I guess I will have to flip a coin if I am chosen as the winner! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  48. Carey Miller /

    I would choose the TRACKS on-ear headphones.

  49. Adrienne Gordon /

    jax in ear headphones

  50. Margaret Smith /

    I’d love the Tracks Air.