Misconception About Karate

Since I started Jeffery in karate over 3 years ago I’ve had quite a few people ask me different questions about it. The main question I hear the most is “Don’t you worry Jeffery will end up using karate to be a bully?” or “Won’t he use karate when he’s having one of his fits? Aren’t you worried about that?” I’ve had many people ask these questions or something similar. The answer is always the same to each one…no.

Jeffery in Little Dragons

Jeffery in Little Dragons

From the moment Jeffery started karate in Little Dragons over 3 years ago, I heard them pound it into the kids’ head that karate is to NEVER be used unless they are in DANGER and can’t get to a safe adult. Karate is more than just kicks and punches…it’s about respect for yourself and others. While Jeffery does have a lot of behavior issues, I have only had one comment to me about him using it at school (other than when I take his trophies in for show and tell) and the teachers told me it was one of those “fine line” issues. A friend of his was being bullied and Jeffery was sticking up for him…BUT he never used karate on the bully, he just kind of showed him what he knows to scare the kid away. Everyone (teacher, counselor, myself, and his karate instructor) have all talked to him and let him know while it was nice he was defending his friend…the right thing would have been to go find a teacher. There would be consequences if Jeffery were to ever use karate when he wasn’t supposed to. He risks being grounded and losing his belt and he don’t want either of those things to happen.

I started Jeffery in karate to help his anger/behavior issues, not because I thought it would improve his fighting skills against me or anyone else. Because of karate, he has respect for us (most of the time). His temper tantrums are less. He now has goals for life. I am proud of him. He’s come a LONG way and everyone who has seen him from before karate to now, will tell you the same. Mr. K (our karate instructor) always mentions how much he’s changed, the owner of the studio we train at mentions it when I talk to him. Everyone is proud of him and tell him all the time, he tells everyone he wants to be a karate instructor when he grows up and he’s well on his way with everyone’s support. He’s about a year away from him Junior Black Belt and is looking forward to that huge milestone.

Jeffery now :)

Jeffery now 🙂

Now that Jaxon is in karate…I look forward to seeing him grow and how karate will help him since he don’t have the issues Jeffery does…he has his own. He’s already trying to talk more and everyone can see a difference in his coordination which is AWESOME for him!

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