Happy 9th Birthday Jeffery

There are moments in life where you remember everything about it….down to the smells sometime. It don’t matter how long ago it was…you can picture it as if it was yesterday. That’s how it was with Jeffery’s birth.

I remember the odd feeling before going to my 37week appointment, I made sure to have Jeff with me, even if that meant we would be a few minutes late because I had to wait for him to get off work. I remember being confused when they took my blood pressure more than once…and then told me to lay on my left side that the nurse was going to get the midwife. I remember the midwife coming in and taking my blood pressure again…then going to consult with a doctor. I remember the terrified look I give Jeff over my shoulder since he was sitting behind me as I laid on my left side. It’s as if it all happened yesterday. The midwife come in and told me to go to the hospital…they were going to monitor me and possibly induce me either that night or the next morning. I didn’t have my bag packed, I wasn’t ready. I pleaded with her to let me go home (30min one way) to get my stuff and she was against it but let me go…she suggested Jeff go, but I wouldn’t trust Jeff (no offense lol) to get everything I needed….heck I wasn’t sure what I needed.

It was surreal walking into my dad’s house and just as if I was talking about the weather told him that we were going to be having a baby soon. I then got my stuff and drove myself and Jeff to the hospital. I got into a room and they hooked me up to the monitors…blood pressure cuff and all that fun stuff. Another midwife come in and said they’d be inducing me the next morning. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I remember them asking me what I wanted for dinner and I got a hamburger and fries…I don’t remember what they tasted like because I don’t think I tasted them…I was too busy worried about labor…about my blood pressure, about my son.

Me in labor with Jeffery

Me in labor with Jeffery

Induction started off well, I was 2cm and they started pitocin. I had a doula and felt pretty good…it was painful but bearable. I remember going through a lot of popsicles because that was all I was allowed to eat. After they upped the pitocin a ton…I began getting too uncomfortable and as much as the doula tried to help…I couldn’t handle it anymore. I remember she was out of the room to get something to massage my bag and I begged the nurse for an epidural. It wasn’t long before I had one and then shortly after that I was feeling better. I was urged to take a nap…which I happily TRIED to do. It was pretty hard since I was excited and nervous. I know my dad, aunt and uncle arrived after I had the epidural so it was a pleasant visit. Jeff rarely left my side…he would go out and give updates to them in the waiting room every now and then. It got late and my uncle left…but my dad and aunt refused to leave. My dad said he’d take my aunt home but they were staying until the baby come.

The one time that sticks in my head was around 11pm. The midwife come in and said I was STILL at 6cm (had been there for HOURS) and his head was still high up. She said the dreaded “c” word and I just agreed. My epidural was wearing off and I just wanted to be done. I remember telling EVERYONE (nurse and midwife) to leave the room…just me and Jeff. Once they were out of the room I cried. This wasn’t how I wanted to do it. I wanted to push him out myself. I didn’t want to recover from a c-section. They come back in and started prepping me…while they were doing that Jeff went and told my Dad and Aunt what was going on…they were worried. I remember laying on the table with so many people around me. Jeff was brought in and sat beside my head. I was terrified, I had never had any type of surgery before.

I remember hearing the doctor say “well look…it’s a butt” the boy was BREECH! Then all my fears from the day before and that day went away at 11:43pm. I heard the most wonderful sound in the world…Jeffery’s first cry. I cried…for joy this time and not fear. He was 6lbs 3oz and the cutest little alien baby in the world!

Jeffery right after he was born.

I can’t believe it’s been 9 years. I should have known your stubbornness at birth should warn me of your future…you’re still stubborn! I love you Jeffery! You are smart, sweet, and always happy. Never change that! Happy Birthday!

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  1. Lorayne Gothard says:

    So sweet!! Yes I understand how it seems like you barely blink an eye and they are big!! He will always be your baby. I have 3 wild ones too!!