Number 5 Is Here (Birth Story and Baby Pictures)

Jamison Brendan arrived August 8th. He weighed 7lbs 12oz and was 18 3/4 in long. If you’re wondering why it’s taken me over a week to post this, it’s because even though I’ve had 4 other c-sections…this was by far the WORST!

My biggest mistake was thinking this would be just like, if not better, than my last c-section. With Justin I was out of bed that evening and felt great. The day I got out of the hospital I was taking Jeffery to karate as if I hadn’t just had a baby ripped out of my stomach. I was telling people “I will be ready to leave the next day…I have been down this road a time or two before, I’m a pro”

I will admit that I got a tiny bit of nervousness at the appointment on the Monday before. My doctor started talking about how risky a 5th c-section is and that I risk having to have a blood transfusion and a hysterectomy. He also confirmed I was getting a tubal ligation (tubes tied)…he said it would be stupid to NOT have a tubal…which I already knew. I had signed the paperwork weeks before. During this pre-op appointment they also informed me that they would have a second doctor in the OR during the surgery. It just solidified my decision that this would be my last pregnancy/c-section….the fact that one doctor isn’t comfortable doing the surgery by himself.

The morning of the surgery we had to be at the hospital at 9:30am since my surgery was scheduled for 11:30am. We got there just in time and they immediately tried to get an IV in me…which was difficult and I really wanted to smack the nurse who stuck me in the hand and then ROOTED around to try to get the vein…which was PAINFUL! She ended up trying again in my arm and got it right away. Blood was drawn, questions were answered, I was prepped and ready…it was just a waiting game. Then 11:30 come and went…the doctor was tied up in another surgery and then another lady was about to deliver a baby and he had to go deliver that baby first.

Finally around 1pm the anesthesiologist come in and we discussed everything. I told him that during my c-section with Justin towards the end I started feeling sensation due to the spinal wearing off…also that the morphine (they used half the dose with Justin as they did with Jaxon’s c-section) made me crazy itchy and I wasn’t able to sleep because of it. The solution was to use an epidural catheter with spinal medication and just leave the catheter in to give more medication if needed. Also, no morphine at all. There are other pain medications to use afterwards. I was told everything about the spinal with the epidural catheter and felt comfortable with it.

In the OR I was placed on the table and positioned to get my spinal…I can only imagine how high my heart rate was because this is what always terrifies me. He ended up having to do the spinal twice because he wasn’t happy with the placement the first time. I was laid down and prepped. I was covered up with a nice warm blanket and my gown was hooked up to a blow dryer type thing that kept me warm…but also blew my gown up and in my way until he put the blanket on top to hold it down…it was kind of funny. Jeff was brought in after they determined I was fully numb and it began.

At 1:39pm on Friday August 8th…Jamison Brendan let out a very loud scream to let us know he was here. The doctor told me to look up and he held him above the curtain and said “Hi mom” then turned him around and said “Here’s my butt mom” It was pretty funny and something that made the whole thing memorable.


10592671_10152280035922654_1334619007105051500_n (1)

Jeff was then called over to trim the cord and then brought Jamison over to me. He sat beside me for the longest time and I loved it…UNTIL I started feeling sick. I tried not to let on to Jeff that I wasn’t doing well…after a few minutes I finally asked the anesthesiologist to give me something for nausea. The longer I laid on the table, the worse I felt. The nurses eventually asked Jeff to follow them to the nursery so they could get his weight and all his vitals. A nurse come in and asked me how big my biggest baby was and when I told her Jaylin was 7lbs 11oz she said Jamison beat it and was 7lbs 12oz. I don’t remember too much after that other than getting really cold and starting to shake. I remember them transferring me to a bed and I couldn’t stop shaking, I felt like my teeth would break I was chattering so bad. No matter how many blankets they put on me…I couldn’t stop. Once in the room they tried to get my blood pressure but because of my shaking…it wouldn’t read. Apparently once they did get a blood pressure read it was low because I asked to be sat up and they said they couldn’t because my blood pressure bottomed out. I got scared. I was in pain, shaking and still a little nauseous. It all seemed to go away once Jeff brought Jamison in. I was so excited to hold him.





One at a time Jeff had people come back, first my dad, then Amy (my best friend who was there watching the kids for us) and the kids. Then a friend of mine from karate showed up…it ended up being a full room :). Everyone said I looked horrible….which honestly…I felt horrible. At one time I went pale apparently. No one stayed too long and while I missed my kids later…it was a good thing they left when they did…I was in and out of sleep and just so out of it.






I was only in the hospital for the weekend. They let me leave on Sunday and I was so happy because I missed my kids. Didn’t help that Friday night Jeff called with Justin crying in the background because he missed me 🙁 I got off the phone and cried. Then Jeff called the next night (at 3AM!!!!) and goes “Don’t freak out” when my sugar gliders had gotten out of the cage and were running around the living room….I had to instruct him on the best way to catch them. It felt so good to have my own bed, no more waking up to getting blood drawn…or vitals taken. I was sore and it was difficult to get up and down but Jeff was really helpful (he still is).



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