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For the past 10 years or so we’ve been under contract with different cell phone carriers. Switching carriers when we were done with the contract and found something cheaper…then being stuck in contract for another 2 years. We were with our last carrier for almost 4 years. Then our finances needed trimming due to Jamison coming and we knew our cell phone bill was just way too high for 2 phones and we had to do something. We couldn’t get rid of our phones all together because we use them instead of having a house phone. Timing was perfect when Net10 Wireless sent me a new phone (mine was about to bite the dust anyways lol) ¬†and plan cards!

I was initially sent a Galaxy S4 but due to the towers around here, it didn’t work well. I live in an area where the AT&T towers don’t have a good signal but Sprint towers are perfect. Certain phones use different towers. After calling customer service and going through different troubleshooting we figured out it was the tower issue and they sent me a Galaxy S3 which used Sprint towers. I was able to use my number from our old carrier so I wouldn’t have to worry about changing emergency contact numbers everywhere. Call quality was jut as good, internet speed was just as good…everything was just as good as with the big name carrier we had been with for 4 years. The only difference is price. We were paying $150/month for 2 phones with 1200 minutes (shared…which we NEVER cmoe close to that number lol) and unlimited text and data. Net10 Wireless has plans that start at $35 for unlimited talk and text and then for $40 you can get unlimited talk, text and date with 500MB of high speed data (after the 500MB the data speed slows down). The biggest 30-day plan you can get is $75 and you get Unlimited talk, text and data with 5GB of high speed data. You can also buy just minutes if that’s all you need. As little as $15 for 200 minutes or as much as $25 for 1000 minutes.


After a week or two of me using Net10 Wireless for myself, Jeff and I decided he should switch too. We found out we wouldn’t even need a new phone, he had a S3 with the old carrier so we just had to buy a Network Access Code (depending on the phone you may need a SIM card instead) and a plan or airtime card. Jeff’s transfer took longer because our carrier didn’t want to release his phone since we were canceling our contract with them early. It took a little over a day to get it all straightened out but he’s now happily using his old phone and his same number on Net10 Wireless.

We’ve been using Net10 Wireless for almost 2 months and haven’t had any problems with it. We were worried that we didn’t have the money for Jeff’s next month this past time and wasn’t sure if he’d still have his number by the time we were able to buy his plan card (he had read online that some people lost their number) but 4 days after his phone was cut off we bought the card and sure enough his number was still the same. We get texts to remind us that our time is almost up starting at 7 days out. I also used all of my 500MB of data this past month and got a text telling me that. The data is really slow after that but it wasn’t a huge deal to me. Next month I will use Wi-fi more so I don’t use all my data so quickly.

We went from paying $150/month for 2 phones to now paying $80/month (we both get the $40 plan) for 2 phones. That saves us $70 a month!

You can buy Net10 Wireless phones and airtime cards online or in Target or Kmart!

I received products for the purpose of reviewing at no cost to me. All opinions expressed are of my own and not influenced by anything or anyone.

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  1. My son will need a new plan when his runs out soon. I think I’ll look into Net10 Wireless. Thanks for the review!