I’m A Karate, Gymnastics, Cheer and Football Mom

From the months of July to November I feel the need to have a clone, or two or three. I never force my kids to do activities, nor do I deter them from anything. If one of my kids say they want to do such and such activity…I try my hardest to make it happen.

Jeffery has been doing karate for four years now…he’s four months from testing for his black belt. Karate has become more than just something to do…it’s now a passion of his. He helps out in Jaxon’s Little Dragon class, he goes to extra classes and since it’s football season (his football practices are on his karate class days) he goes to extra classes (lower ranks) and stays after with Mr. K to learn his material so he can pass his next belt promotion next month. He wants to be a karate instructor and is well on his way. There is talk of Jeffery being put on to the leadership team (which joy joy, means more running for me to get him to extra classes lol). He soaks up all the information that is taught in classes. He is also a different kid from who he was 4 years ago. He still has his issues, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was.


Jaylin does gymnastics and has been for about three years now. I can’t tell you how much it’s changed her. My little girl who has anxiety about a lot of things, is now walking the high beam, flipping over the bars and flying through the air on the rings. She’s made friends and has come out of her shell so much. Jaylin can do so much if she puts her mind to it and gymnastics has proved that.


Football. This is Jeffery’s third year in football. Second year of travel ball where we play against other towns. I never force him to play football…it’s always been his idea and his choice. I let him know that it’s his choice to sign up, but if I do sign him up he finishes the season…there is no quitting mid season. That’s never been a problem…he enjoys football. We did get off to a rough start because football practices started out with three to four practices a week and that was just too much for Jeffery. Since then it’s slowed down to two a week and that’s perfect. There is one part of me that’s hoping he don’t want to sign up each year…because it is a LOT of running with practices and games, especially with his sister doing cheer and she has her own practices (and since she’s in a different age group…her games are at a different time so we’re at the field for two games every Saturday. Luckily they are back to back games). There is also that other part of me that loves that he loves sports. He has fun doing it and making friends. The biggest plus is that he isn’t just sitting at home watching TV or playing video games. I’m one of the moms who yell and scream when they see their kid playing…Jeffery caught the ball one game and was running and even though I knew he couldn’t hear me…everyone around me knew that it was MY SON who had the ball. I even get a little loud for other kids when they get a touchdown or an interception…I clap and love the game. I sit on the edge of my seat when the score is close (only been one game this season because his team STOMPS the other teams lol) and afterwards I tell him how proud I am of him (even if he didn’t play a lot) and I love to hear how excited he is every time they win a game…he’s super excited that they have only lost one game so far this season.

Jeffery after football practice on the way home.

Jeffery after football practice on the way home.

Since Jeffery does football, Jaylin had to get into cheer. She loves it. Having been doing gymnastics has helped her cheerleading. I see that she’s slightly shy when she’s cheering in front of the crowd…but she has a smile on her face and I can tell she enjoys what she’s doing. Last year her cheerleading squad won first place at the competition and she was over the moon excited. She can’t wait to go to competition again this year. She has so many friends…she gets along with just about everyone and I always see her playing and laughing with the other girls when I come to pick her up. It’s awesome to see that she has girlfriends since she does have 4 brothers…I was worried she’d end up being a tomboy but she’s the complete opposite of that. I did tell her the same thing I told Jeffery, I’d never make her sign up for any sport/activity she didn’t want to do, but she would have to finish the season. So far the only things she wants to do are gymnastics and cheer…which I’m fine with.


Jaxon does karate as well. His is to help his speech and motor skills, which it has. It gives him something to do as well. Not much to report on Jaxon since he’s so young and his class is pretty much just playing around learning the basics. It’s too early to tell if he’ll love karate as much as Jeffery and I do.

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At the moment our schedule is:

Monday: Karate 4:45pm

Gymnastics 5pm (karate and gymnastics are in the same building)

Our last karate class ends at 7:15pm (sometimes later so Jeffery can get in extra practice for his belt level)

Tuesday: Football Practice: 5:30pm (it was 6 but it’s getting dark earlier so they moved it up) til 7:30pm (it was 8pm)

Cheer Practice: 6pm (was 6:15pm but they are working on competition more so they extended practice) til 7:45pm (was 7:30pm)

Wednesday: Karate 4:45pm-7:15pm (sometimes later so Jeffery can get in extra practice for his belt level)

Thursday: Same as Tuesday

Friday: NOTHING!

Saturday: Freshman (Jaylin) football game at 3pm…have to be there at 2:30pm

Junior (Jeffery) football game at 4:30pm have to be there at 3:30pm (no problem since we’re already there for Jaylin’s game)

Sunday: Every other week is a Girl Scout meeting that I’m the leader of.

Keep in mind that my kids don’t get home from the bus until around 4pm and it takes us 15 minutes to drive to karate and depending on where football and/or cheer is held it could take us 20 minutes to drive there.

Needless to say I’m exhausted by the end of the day and lately I feel so run down I actually cry at night because I can’t sleep due to having to take care of Jamison who hasn’t been sleeping well at night. Jeff works so it’s hard for him to help even though he tries. I have a lot of people say “I don’t know how you do it.” and to be honest…I don’t either. I just do it. Also, that schedule don’t include therapy or doctor appointments that we have a couple every week.

I love my kids…so I do what makes them happy and I know doing these activities will keep them from doing something bad and/or stupid. If they are busy, they can’t get into trouble. I am proud of all of my kids for everything they do…we run run run every day (and yes…some days I have to take the little ones with me to the big kids’ activities which makes it even harder) and they RARELY ever complain.


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  1. Jessica Beard says:

    Wow, I bet you are exhausted! Our sons are still really young, so we haven’t started the sports schedule yet, but I remember when I was in school. Busy busy, but your kids will thank you some day. I have many sports team memories.