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Portable North Pole has been around for a couple of years now. I’ve been doing it the past few years with each of my kids. I enjoy making the videos and my kids really love watching them. The best part of it all is seeing my kids’ faces while they are watching the videos. If you don’t know what Portable North Pole (PNP) is, it’s a site to make a personalized video for your kids (or an adult) from Santa. Santa says their name and you have the option of putting their pictures in the video to make it even more personalized.

This year was a little different as Jeffery is to the age where he’s not really believing in Santa, yet he still plays along to get the toys. Jaylin still believes and of course Jaxon and Justin believe too. Jaxon and Justin were the most entertaining while watching their videos this year. PNP has made changes so I can make their videos look different, and not just by the content I include…there are different video options. I love these pictures of Jaxon as he was watching his video.

Jaxon right after Santa said his name.

Jaxon right after Santa said his name.

Jaxon watching his video. Santa has his brothers' and sister's books too!

Jaxon watching his video. Santa has his brothers’ and sister’s books too!

My favorite reaction was Justin’s though. I really wish I had gotten a video of Justin watching his video the very first time because as soon as Santa said his name he looked at me with huge eyes and said “ho ho me!” that translates to either “Santa said my name” or “Santa knows me”, either way it was adorable! His smile got bigger the longer we watched the video, and when he saw the talking Chase toy that he wants for Christmas he got excited and said “MY CHASE!” the boy loves his Paw Patrol! Below is the video I made for Justin.

The videos are really easy to make, I was able to make 5 videos in no time at all (I did make one for Jeff for laughs). I love all the options. There are so many things to choose from it makes it hard to choose just one…I really wanted to make a bunch of videos for each kid because of all they do, it’s hard to put it all into just 2 pictures of their activities. Jeffery’s included his karate and football. Jaylin’s was about cheerleading, Jaxon’s was about karate and kindergarten. Justin included the addition of Jamison as well as stopping the pacifier! It’s been an amazing year for all of my kids and I just picked the best moments for their videos. I liked that I was able to connect it to Facebook to pull pictures from there instead of hunting through the millions of folders of pictures I have on my computer. I know I upload a lot and most of their huge accomplishments.

There is the Premium videos which are $3.99 each and you have 3 story-lines to choose from, you can upload 5 photos and it’s 5 minutes of video and you can sync with your mobile device. There is also the Unlimited Holiday Pass for $9.99 where you get unlimited premium and Christmas Eve videos, unlimited calls and available for mobile with a free app! You could also get the Jingle Bells Bundle for $5.99 with 1 Premium video, 1 call from Santa and available for mobile with a free app. Of course there is the  Classic Video which is free, 1 story-line, 2 photo uploads and it’s 3 minutes of video. The Grown-ups Video is also free and includes 1 story-line, 3 photo uploads and 2 minutes of video.

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