Meet Me & The Family

My name is Jackie, I met my husband, Jeff, online. We met in person in 2003, and haven’t been apart since! After being together for 8 months, we found out we were expecting our oldest son Jeffery who arrived February of 2005. Then in August of 2005 Jeff and I got married. We then had Jaylin a year later in September of 2006, Jaxon come a few years later in May of 2009 and then Justin joined our family in October of 2011. I am a stay at home mommy (have been for 7years) and loving every minute of it even though it has it’s challenges.

Our kids are, Jeffery (February 2005), Jaylin (September 2006), Jaxon (May 2009), Justin (October 2011) and Jamison (August 2014) :). All 3 of my big kids had a speech delay. Jeffery has

Me and my family

behavior problems which are diagnosed as a Sensory Disorder (hyper sensitive to touch and under sensitive to stimulation) . He’s ahead of his class academically but has problems with “down” time and transitions (going from classroom to bathroom or other area in school) he’s always in trouble. He also has violent outbursts, where he hits, kicks, throws things, screams…you name it…he does it, when he don’t get his way some days. Jaylin, so far she only has speech delay. Jaxon has the more severe of the speech delays and is being treated as if he has Speech Apraxia.  I’m trying to be very proactive in recognizing and helping anything we see that may be an issue. Jaxon has been in developmental therapy since he was 16months old (we started Jeffery’s speech therapy when he was 20 months)

Jeff works at a book printing/binding plant where he’s been for 8 years now. He works crazy rotating 12 hour

My husband Jeff.

shifts (2 weeks day, 2 weeks night), but he gets plenty of days off to be with the family.

Me, well I enjoy spending time on the computer talking to my friends (fellow bloggers). I also enjoy video games and movies. I’m a spontaneous person, not too much of our life is planned…if it is planned it’s only a week or so in advance lol. I love to laugh, and I joke about anything and everything…it’s sometimes hard to have a serious conversation with me. Monkeys are my favorite animal and purple is my favorite color. I recently started crocheting and started my own Facebook page to sell custom items (hats, scarves, dolls, gloves, etc) Check out Mizz J’s Creative Mayhem

Shenandoah Valley (Picture was taken from the hill where my grandmother is buried)

We live in Shenandoah, Virginia. A small town in the Shenandoah Valley. Every way we look, we see mountains. My dad grew up here, as did I,  and am thrilled my kids get to grow up here. They even get to attend the same schools my dad and I did.

My kids act like a bunch of monkeys and our life is pure mayhem (“a state of rowdy disorder”…from Welcome to the jungle 🙂