What You May Not See – Why We’re Looking At Getting A Service Dog

Dec 18, 14 What You May Not See – Why We’re Looking At Getting A Service Dog

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We’ve been looking into getting Jeffery a service dog. I am about to send in the application and I hadn’t mentioned it publicly until I got the paperwork filled out from his doctor agreeing that he would benefit from having one. Yes, I had mentioned it to select friends who know what I’m dealing with with Jeffery....

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Portable North Pole

Dec 11, 14 Portable North Pole

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Portable North Pole has been around for a couple of years now. I’ve been doing it the past few years with each of my kids. I enjoy making the videos and my kids really love watching them. The best part of it all is seeing my kids’ faces while they are watching the videos. If you don’t know what Portable North Pole...

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Wondering Where I’ve Been?

Dec 03, 14 Wondering Where I’ve Been?

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I feel like I can’t catch a break. I thought once football/cheer season was over that I’d be back at this blogging thing. I have a lot lined up for Holiday Palooza and nothing has gotten done. To my sponsors…I’m sorry. To my readers, I’m sorry. A lot of the reviews have giveaways and I even have 2 BIG...

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Pampers Prize Pack Giveaway (ARV $100)

Nov 22, 14 Pampers Prize Pack Giveaway (ARV $100)

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  Having a newborn there is a lot of options for baby products. One thing you need to choose is what brand diapers to buy. Since Jamison is my 5th baby, I’ve tried just about every brand of diaper there is out there. No matter what, I always end up going back to one brand that works best for us and that’s Pampers,...

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Dreft Prize Pack Giveaway (ARV $108) #DreftHypo

Nov 05, 14 Dreft Prize Pack Giveaway (ARV $108) #DreftHypo

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  Out of my 5 kids, it looks like at least 3 of them have eczema. One thing I’ve noticed that makes Justin’s flare up pretty bad is if we use detergent that has dyes and other chemicals that aren’t gentle. It seems Jamison might be the same way. That’s why I was glad to be selected for the Dreft Hypo...

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