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Jackie is a stay at home mom to five wonderful children, 4 boys and a girl ages from infant to 10 years old. Her life is anything but calm, most days it's pure mayhem. You can follow her on twitter @monkey_mayhem
Jackie Staples

Monster Trucks Movie T-Shirt Activity and Easter Basket Giveaway

Tweet Monster Trucks arrives on Blu-Ray next week! My boys can’t wait to see it! In celebration of the upcoming release, I have a fun activity you can do with your little ones! Make your own Monster Truck t-shirts!!! What you’ll need: Printed Stencils (You can find them HERE) Multiple Fabric Paints Paint Brushes Scissors or Exacto Knife Paper Towels Cup of Water Tape Pick which stencils you want to use, you can mix and match them however you want! {Read More}

zulily’s Top Toy Trends for the Holidays

Tweet I know Christmas is in 2 days so it’s too late to shop online for Christmas presents on the 25th. But I also know some don’t celebrate on the 25th, we’ve had to travel after Christmas to see other family members. zulily has teamed up with resident toy expert Kenji Yoshinari to come up with the top toys this season! Surprising, most aren’t just fun, but educational, which is something I love! Use the Force to make sure you give {Read More}

Kicking For Autism

Tweet We’ve been fundraising for 11 months now. We’ve raised $8,578.25 which means we only have $5,421.75 to go! During these last 11 months I’ve been trying to think of ways to show Jeffery’s strength, that even though he has these obstacles, he can do anything he sets his mind to. My first thought was his biggest passion, karate. Jeffery is 10 years old and got his black belt the Friday after he turned 10 this year. He worked for 5 years {Read More}

Don’t Say “Sorry” When Learning Our Son Is Autistic….We’re Not

Tweet I’ve had a lot of experience with the public since we’ve been fundraising for Jeffery’s Autism Service Dog. Recently we had a Bake Sale outside of Walmart. We talked to many nice people who we educated about service dogs and 4 Paws for Ability (the organization we’re going through). I love answering questions, it shows me that people are interested and want to learn. But one couple really stuck out to me. The couple who said “I’m sorry” when {Read More}

Autism Awareness Month

Tweet April is Autism Awareness Month. It’s close to my heart as Jeffery is on the spectrum and since I’ve started fundraising for him to receive an Autism Service Dog, I get a lot of questions and comments. Autism isn’t always visible, there is a wide spectrum from high functioning like Jeffery to kids who can’t do a whole lot, including being non-verbal. It’s such a wide range because there is also all that in between. The one comment I {Read More}

Goals – Day 1

Tweet I started working out today. The community center Jaylin does gymnastics at (and me and the boys do karate) has a full gym as well as a walking/running track around the inside. While Jaylin had her gymnastics class, I bought a membership so I could take advantage of all the equipment and track. Jaylin’s class is an hour long and I typically just sit in a chair and watch her or play around on my phone. Never anything productive. {Read More}

Setting Goals

Tweet This week in karate we were talking about setting goals and how it’s important to write them down. Well, I figured a good way to keep up with my goals is to blog my progress. I have multiple, some long term and some short term. Some of the short term lead up to the long term. I’ll start with my short term goals. Fit into my karate pants – I’m still wearing sweats to karate because I refuse to {Read More}

Little Me #HolidayPalooza

Tweet This is Jamison’s first Christmas and as if I didn’t already have a problem with buying all kinds of cute baby clothes, Christmas clothes are even cuter and I can’t stop myself! I was first introduced to Little Me when Justin was a baby and they were adorable so I was given the chance to try out Little Me’s Christmas sleepers and I was not disappointed. Little Me sent me the Boy Reindeer Footie and I also had a {Read More}

Just Pretend Kids #HolidayPalooza

Tweet With Christmas less than a week away, I know some people are still scrambling for gifts. I’m here to tell you about Just Pretend Kids because what kid don’t like to play pretend?!?! I know my kids do! With Frozen being the BIGGEST thing this season with both girls and boys, Just Pretend Kids have some amazing products that any Frozen fan will love. Starting with the Enchanted Ice Princess dress! This is the dress Just Pretend Kids is {Read More}

What You May Not See – Why We’re Looking At Getting A Service Dog

Tweet We’ve been looking into getting Jeffery a service dog. I am about to send in the application and I hadn’t mentioned it publicly until I got the paperwork filled out from his doctor agreeing that he would benefit from having one. Yes, I had mentioned it to select friends who know what I’m dealing with with Jeffery. But those are the people who hear from me or see first hand how Jeffery’s behavior is. Everyone I’ve told privately agrees {Read More}