Never Giving Up

Tweet It may have taken 5 years, but Jeffery finally has a reasonable diagnosis for what’s going on. I still think there is more going on but am satisfied with what we’ve accomplished thus far. He is ADHD, I disagreed with this at first but now after having multiple professionals agree with it, I agree as well. He also has Sensory Processing Disorder, I’ve agreed with this all along. The newest diagnosis took me for a loop but I agree with it, {Read More}

I’m Still Here…Still Alive

Tweet I know I’ve been lacking here on the blog. But I wanted everyone to know I’m still here. I feel like it’s one thing after another and on my down time I’m trying to relax or sleep. It all started with Jaylin complaining of ear pain one night, by the next evening her ear drum had ruptured.  Tylenol and Motrin wasn’t helping the pain so we went to MedExpress since her doctor’s office was closed, it was a waste {Read More}

Sometimes I Cry

Tweet I handle raising 4 kids pretty well for someone who has depression. At least I think so. My kids are all happy and healthy. But there are days (like today) that I struggle. It’s only 9am here and I’ve already cried today. The time change has affected us all. I’m having trouble sleeping and the kids had trouble getting up this morning. With being tired, they were cranky. I handled Jaxon pretty well and was able to get him {Read More}

Meet Bart and Lisa

Tweet After searching high and low for a sugar glider breeder. Finding one and finding out something I didn’t like and starting the search AGAIN…I am now happy to introduce you to my future sugar glider babies!!!! Meet Bart: Then here is his twin sister Lisa: They will be coming home to me sometime in March and I can’t tell you how excited I am!!! The breeder keeps posting cute pictures on Facebook and my heart grows each and every {Read More}

Our Fur Family is Expanding!

Tweet I am researching getting 2 little sugar gliders!!!!! I have loved sugar gliders for a LONG time and have been doing a LOT of research lately. I finally got the approval from hubby to make the leap and buy two of them! I can’t tell you how excited I am to get these girls home! I have started making them things to play with, sleep in and working on a few types of bonding pouches. Ok…I know some people {Read More}


Tweet I was just looking through my phone at all my pictures. I realized I took a picture for every step of Justin’s recent surgery and illness afterwards. I was wondering how many nurses/doctors thought I was a little crazy for taking pictures instead of using both hands to cuddle him (most of the pictures he was laying on me). I honestly don’t care what they think….I was worried sick about him but knew that documenting would be something to {Read More}

Justin’s Surgery and MORE

Tweet On Monday Justin had his scheduled surgery to bring down his un-descended testicle. We knew this was coming and even though I was prepared for it, I was still nervous. It was an outpatient surgery so we were in and out the same day. He did well before during and immediately after surgery. They sent us home with specific directions on what to do if he gets a fever above 100.4F, starts vomiting and many other issues. He slept almost nonstop {Read More}


Tweet Since Friday afternoon when I heard the news of the Connecticut shooting, my mind hasn’t been on much anything else. I am having a hard time with day to day activities and honestly can’t comprehend what happened. The thoughts go through my mind “What if it were my kids’ school?” “What if someone does this locally next?” I’m sure a lot of parents are asking the same questions. All the children were 6 and 7 years old…Jaylin is 6 and Jeffery {Read More}

Children’s Personalities

Tweet Lately I’ve been watching Justin’s personality come out. It made me think of the other three kids’ personalities and realize how very different each of my kids are. Jeffery is a loving child…but doesn’t always know how to express his feelings. He wants to please everyone and be friends with everyone. He also wants to do things as quickly as possible and get the reward/outcome. While he’s my most difficult child, I can see under his tough guy thing {Read More}

Growing Up

Tweet I am having a hard time with Jeffery growing up. He is doing things normal 7/8 year old boys would do. He enjoyed his first season of football and can’t wait until next year. The other week I got a text from his football coach inviting Jeffery to a team sleepover at his house. Jeffery had never slept over at someone’s house without either me or Jeff with him. I was more nervous about it than Jeffery was. There {Read More}