Holiday Gift Guide: SoftLips (review/giveaway)

Tweet I love Winter, I love the snow, the cold (yes I’m weird like that!) and the holidays associated with Winter. But, there is one thing I don’t like…the way the air makes my lips dry at night with the heat going. Now, I keep a tube of Softlips next to my bed, in my car and next to the couch…anywhere I may need it (I would put one in my purse but I don’t carry one! I know, I’m {Read More}

Holiday Gift Guide: Tiny Prints (review)

Tweet I finally got around to mailing my Christmas cards last week, and the response I’ve gotten is amazing! Never have I had so many people tell me how beautiful and unique my cards are! It’s all thanks to Tiny Prints! Tiny Prints had so many great designs to choose from for Christmas cards I had a very hard time choosing which one to pick for us. I knew I wanted to put pictures of all 3 of the kids {Read More}

Holiday Gift Guide: Pearl Paradise (review/giveaway)

Tweet I know as a woman, we can sometimes be the hardest to buy for. Or at least finding a reasonably priced gift for women can be hard. So this holiday season, if you are a woman, ask for pearls! No, they aren’t all horribly expensive! If you are a man, give her pearls! You can look like you spent a ton, when really you only spent a reasonable amount! Where you may ask…Pearl Paradise.I was sent a 7.0-8.0 mm Lavender {Read More}

Holiday Gift Guide: Eebee’s Adventures (review/giveaway)

Tweet With Jeffery and Jaylin I never really was into the whole baby videos. Jaylin had one of the Baby Sesame Street DVDs and it was cute, but she wasn’t too into it. But I think Eebee’s Adventures has taken the cake with baby DVDs. Jaxon got 2 DVDs to review and he watched from his walker and soaked it all in while I sat beside him and played along. First of all, look how cute Eebee is! Jeff think’s {Read More}

Holiday Gift Guide: Pediped (review)

Tweet What can I say…I love shoes, and baby shoes are the most adorable things! You have seen me review and giveaway Pediped shoes before, so it’s only natural for them to be included in my Holiday Gift Guide too since I love them so much! Jaxon got the cutest pair of Kyle Pediped Originals! They are the most darling things…of course I think I say that about all baby shoes…but I mean it every time, I have some sort of {Read More}

Holiday Gift Guide: Child to Cherish – Little Baker Suitcase (giveaway/discount code)

Tweet One of the things I love to do around the holidays is bake. I love to get cookie mix and bake cookies with the kids, we make candy and such…it’s a BLAST! That’s why I think Child to Cherish’s Little Baker Suitcase would make a perfect gift for any kid this Christmas!The Little Baker Suitcase has all the accessories a child needs to bake with mommy or daddy. It includes an apron, wooden rolling pin and spoon, 3 cookie {Read More}

Holiday Gift Guide: Kushies – Cha Cha Barbells (giveaway/discount code)

Tweet If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you have seen my other Kushies review of My Bag a few months ago. Kushies makes a lot of great products, most of which make great gifts! One great gift for babies would be their Cha Cha Barbells!  From the Kushies site: “Multi-Sensory Plush Toy Baby power! Look strong! Tons of fun! Easy gripping for little hands. Each barbell has its own amusing sound effect: one boings and the other {Read More}

Holiday Gift Guide: babySnazz (review/giveaway)

Tweet Of all people to buy for, the hardest to buy for in my family this year is Jaxon! Lucky for me, I was introduced to babySnazz. babySnazz is an online store for all kinds of great baby gear. Great baby gear equals great baby gifts to me!babySnazz sent me 2 pair of Agoo Leg Huggers (made of bamboo) to review, one pair for Jaxon and one pair for Jaylin. I love the feel of bamboo, it’s so soft! “They {Read More}

More Winners!!!

Tweet This group is Large Format Posters, Pawparazzi, Jeep Stroller, and Uneaks. The Large Format Poster winner is comment number 28 (out of 44): said…28 have your button NOVEMBER 20, 2009 1:00 AM The Pawparazzi winner is comment number 157 (out of 308): karenmed409 said…157 entered Barefoot Mommies Rocky The Robot Truck, Giveawaykarenmed409 at comcast dot net NOVEMBER 26, 2009 12:57 PM The Jeep Stroller winner is comment number 171 (out of 257): Night Owl Mama said…171 entered the heely giveaway {Read More}

Holiday Gift Guide: PlasmaCar (review)

Tweet I love being able to give my kids unique Christmas gifts, something not many other people have. My kids are awesome and I want to give them awesome gifts to reflect that sometimes. PlasmaCar is just that, a unique, one of a kind gift! Forget the boring old bike and scooters, a PlasmaCar is better!What is a PlasmaCar? It’s a scooter type toy that runs on pure kid energy. I was skeptical before it come, and even as I {Read More}