Jaylin’s Room Makeover *BEFORE* #gliddengallons

Tweet We’ve been in our new house for about 8 months and to be honest I’m sick of looking at TAN! I would have changed it long ago but other things have had to come first…especially since Javon will be here in less than 2 months! So, you can imagine my joy when I was chosen for a Glidden mission to repaint one of my kids’ rooms! Here is her room BEFORE (and the color of her walls, is the {Read More}

The Dream Turned Nightmare (Re: Clayton Homes)

Tweet Last year I blogged a lot about the house we were buying. I wrote about the ups and downs, the delays and my excitement as we first walked through the house. I was excited to finally move in in January of this year. However…here we are 8 months into living here and the problems continue (not with the inside of the house, but things on the outside and dealing with the people at Clayton Homes) When we first moved {Read More}

The Small Things Add Up

Tweet We’ve been living in the new house for about a week and as I was sitting here talking to a friend about the house, we start talking about little things that you never knew would make you happy. I’m going to just list a few of them and why. Popcorn button on the microwave {our old microwave would burn the popcorn in less than 2 minutes} Oven/Stove that cooks evenly {Old oven would burn the top of food and {Read More}

It’s a Jungle (House) Warming Party!

Tweet We’re in and we’re settling in well. I’ve been planning this party for a couple of months and I am so happy I can finally announce it! Most of the time when you move into a new home, you get nice new gifts from friends and family, right? Well, I’m going to be giving gifts TO YOU! Starting February 1st I’m going to be doing reviews and some giveaways of great products for the home! Some of the sponsors {Read More}

Settling In

Tweet It’s been almost a week that we have lived in the new house. Things are slowly being put away where they belong, boxes are disappearing and it’s feeling more and more like home. The kids are adjusting pretty well and I’m so happy about that. Jaylin refused to say that her room was HER room until I went and bought Tinkerbell wall stickers and we put her Tinkerbell poster up, add in her Tinkerbell blankets and she was happy. {Read More}

It’s OURS!!!!

Tweet We closed today! The house is OFFICIALLY OURS!!!! We’re HOMEOWNERS! OMG, that means we really are adults! Haha! We plan to get a U-Haul truck tomorrow then move our stuff in, but we can’t live there until the county does their inspection on Wednesday. Gives us time to move in and unpack 🙂

Chugging Along

Tweet Where to begin. Well, we’re still at my Dad’s house. That’s the reason I haven’t been posting much, his internet isn’t the greatest and I get irritated because it’s so slow. Plus, Jeff’s computer isn’t hooked up to the internet here, only my laptop wireless so we are sharing my computer. Lastly, I’ve been keeping my laptop upstairs in the bedroom, and the kids are always downstairs and I have to be down there to watch them or they {Read More}

The Bad Gets Worse

Tweet As if not being in our house before Christmas, the van is over heating, and now…we’re living with my Dad. That’s not such a bad thing…but the reason we’re here isn’t good. This is just plain annoying…we are some seriously unlucky people lately! We got woke up on Christmas morning, not by excited kids who were excited that Santa came, but by the heater making a bunch of crazy noises! Jeff and I both jump out of bed and {Read More}

I Can See A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Tweet FINALLY! The house itself is DONE.DONE.DONE! It’s put together, porches done and the county has inspected and passed it! I’m so excited! The town did the sewer hook up today, and I hope they do the water hook up tomorrow. Then the last thing we need is the electricity turned on…which I hope won’t take long. I went to the house today just to see if the town had done the water/sewer yet and saw a guy walking up {Read More}

House Outside

Tweet At the request of Jeff. I’m posting a picture of the outside of our house. I thought I had before but apparently not. If you want to read up on the entire house ordeal, or go through and see the other pictures I have. They are all HERE.