Jaxon and Karate

Tweet Jaxon has Apraxia. No, he hasn’t been diagnosed with it by a doctor but it’s what all his therapists (current and old) feel and therefore treat him for. Apraxia has been explained to me as an issue between the brain and doing motor functions…most importantly the mouth. I found out since it deals with motor functions that it can affect other motor functions (explains his clumsiness) I mentioned to the therapists about a random thought I had to start {Read More}

Children’s Personalities

Tweet Lately I’ve been watching Justin’s personality come out. It made me think of the other three kids’ personalities and realize how very different each of my kids are. Jeffery is a loving child…but doesn’t always know how to express his feelings. He wants to please everyone and be friends with everyone. He also wants to do things as quickly as possible and get the reward/outcome. While he’s my most difficult child, I can see under his tough guy thing {Read More}

#HolidayPalooza – Noodle Head Fun (review/giveaway)

Tweet There are some companies I know will have products under our tree every year and Noodle Head Fun is one of them. With their Snuggle Paws, Pawparazzi and Travel Buddies being the three this year. They have a huge variety of animals and products to choose from. I think this is the third or fourth year in a row that Jaylin has gotten a Pawparazzi under the tree. She is my animal lover and I know it’s a gift {Read More}

A Month Of Many Firsts

Tweet The past month has been crazy…I’ve been going what seems like nonstop. First I’ll make a list of all the firsts of the last month and then go into more details. We celebrated a year of Justin being with us on October 18th Jeffery had his first championship football game. Jeffery had his first Black Belt Club class after being invited. Jaxon had his first field trip. Jeffery and Jaylin got their first report cards of the year. I {Read More}

I Have Resilient Kids

Tweet A week ago today Jaxon had a crazy freak asthma attack while we were out of state. As if being on a mini-vacation and sleeping somewhere that isn’t home isn’t crazy enough for a 3 year old, he had to be rushed to an ER and surrounded by people he had never seen before then given medicine and a breathing treatment he hasn’t needed in months and honestly probably didn’t ever remember getting one before. Fast forward to Monday…his {Read More}

I’m a “Crappy” Mom

Tweet I have seen so much debated lately online about what parenting choices some are making…what business is it to anyone else how anyone else parents their child?!?!! I am a fan of Life with Levi and saw a huge debate going on after she posted a nice uplifting picture of women with their babies and how they all made different choices but were still wonderful mothers. It turned into a circumcision debate! It got really ugly and it was {Read More}

The Tears Are Gone

Tweet Today was day two of no tears in the morning. He is now anxious to go get on the bus and practically runs out the door once he’s dressed and has his backpack on. It only took him a week and even this past week the tears weren’t that bad, it was just whining about not wanting to get dressed and a slight hesitation to get on the bus. Today he broke my heart a little bit, I was {Read More}

Jeffery and Jaxon’s Updates

Tweet I’ve done way too much driving the past few weeks. Jeffery’s behavior doctor and Jaxon’s development doctor are both over at Kluge Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Charlottesville (an hour drive one way for us) Jeffery had his appointment last week and Jaxon has his today. Luckily Jeff was off today (if you count getting off at 6am, home at 7am and staying up lol) and was able to watch the big kids, which is more than I can say {Read More}

I’m Going To Call It

Tweet Jaxon is no longer a baby (well, he’ll always be MY baby), but I think it’s time to upgrade him to Toddler! This is how he gets around about 98% of the time now. He’s so cute as he still keeps his hands by his head as he’s walking, he can fall and get right back up and keep going. He can even make turns and turn completely around without falling now. Oh, and he can climb…he loves to {Read More}

Special Needs and My Family

Tweet I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years. I went back and was checking out some of my older posts and realize a lot of my personal posts have something to do with my kids’ special needs. It all started with Jeffery and his speech delay, to this day we don’t know why his speech is delayed. Then, Jaylin had a speech delay due to her multiple ear infections. Then Jeffery’s behavior went downhill and out of control. Jaxon joins {Read More}