Text Manager 2.0 is here!

Tweet Im hoping this installs right…lol using an older version of VB so some of you who have 64 bit or Windows 7+ may not be able to use it…not sure. Click HERE to download the setup zip(extract all 3 files to the desktop, run setup.exe) Basically its a small program that saves/reads text files you create and auto-copies them to the clipboard, if you have a lot of stuff you type up and submit to different people (such as {Read More}

Justins at UVA

Tweet Yep, just an update for Jackies readers…Justin is currently at UVA, he was at RMH last night but they transported him to a larger and better hospital because RMH didnt have the resources necessary to deal with the problems Justin was having. Heres all the Facebook posts straight from her wall, including her comments and everything else since she left, its a lot better to just post what she said rather then trying to explain it all: ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— –Justin {Read More}

Just a few pictures of the baby for Jackies readers!

Tweet His name is Justin Paul Staples, born at 4:41pm EST on Oct 18th, 2011….7lbs 1oz 19 inches long. 😀

Saying Goodbye

Tweet As you all know, Jackie hates the house we were living in, it was falling apart around us, and I for the most part hated it too…a lot of headache trying to keep things from falling apart when you know the landlord is going to jump your case about it even though its not your fault. Anyways the past 2 weeks has been a wild ride, if I wasn’t over there I was working and vice versa, pretty much {Read More}

First post, and a back story

Tweet Well, figured since I’m now an author, I should do some authoring…and what better way to bring in my initial debut to this blog then with a back story of where I came from? As you probably know from Jackie’s previous posts, I came from a VERY different background that she did, and we are total opposites of each other…I was born and raised in Chesapeake, VA from 1982 to 1997, we then moved to Norfolk, VA, I went {Read More}

May See Something New

Tweet Tonight, while our power was out for 4 hours, Jeff and I were texting back and forth. He mentioned that I should make him an author on my blog…here. I was taken aback at first. But, this is Monkey Mayhem and he is part of the mayhem, may as well get his point of view in this crazy jungle of ours! He made a good point, there are days that I don’t feel like writing (this depression sucks!) and {Read More}