Kicking For Autism

Tweet We’ve been fundraising for 11 months now. We’ve raised $8,578.25 which means we only have $5,421.75 to go! During these last 11 months I’ve been trying to think of ways to show Jeffery’s strength, that even though he has these obstacles, he can do anything he sets his mind to. My first thought was his biggest passion, karate. Jeffery is 10 years old and got his black belt the Friday after he turned 10 this year. He worked for 5 years {Read More}

What You May Not See – Why We’re Looking At Getting A Service Dog

Tweet We’ve been looking into getting Jeffery a service dog. I am about to send in the application and I hadn’t mentioned it publicly until I got the paperwork filled out from his doctor agreeing that he would benefit from having one. Yes, I had mentioned it to select friends who know what I’m dealing with with Jeffery. But those are the people who hear from me or see first hand how Jeffery’s behavior is. Everyone I’ve told privately agrees {Read More}

Never Giving Up

Tweet It may have taken 5 years, but Jeffery finally has a reasonable diagnosis for what’s going on. I still think there is more going on but am satisfied with what we’ve accomplished thus far. He is ADHD, I disagreed with this at first but now after having multiple professionals agree with it, I agree as well. He also has Sensory Processing Disorder, I’ve agreed with this all along. The newest diagnosis took me for a loop but I agree with it, {Read More}

Children’s Personalities

Tweet Lately I’ve been watching Justin’s personality come out. It made me think of the other three kids’ personalities and realize how very different each of my kids are. Jeffery is a loving child…but doesn’t always know how to express his feelings. He wants to please everyone and be friends with everyone. He also wants to do things as quickly as possible and get the reward/outcome. While he’s my most difficult child, I can see under his tough guy thing {Read More}

Growing Up

Tweet I am having a hard time with Jeffery growing up. He is doing things normal 7/8 year old boys would do. He enjoyed his first season of football and can’t wait until next year. The other week I got a text from his football coach inviting Jeffery to a team sleepover at his house. Jeffery had never slept over at someone’s house without either me or Jeff with him. I was more nervous about it than Jeffery was. There {Read More}

A Month Of Many Firsts

Tweet The past month has been crazy…I’ve been going what seems like nonstop. First I’ll make a list of all the firsts of the last month and then go into more details. We celebrated a year of Justin being with us on October 18th Jeffery had his first championship football game. Jeffery had his first Black Belt Club class after being invited. Jaxon had his first field trip. Jeffery and Jaylin got their first report cards of the year. I {Read More}

I’m a “Crappy” Mom

Tweet I have seen so much debated lately online about what parenting choices some are making…what business is it to anyone else how anyone else parents their child?!?!! I am a fan of Life with Levi and saw a huge debate going on after she posted a nice uplifting picture of women with their babies and how they all made different choices but were still wonderful mothers. It turned into a circumcision debate! It got really ugly and it was {Read More}

I’m a “Soccer” Mom And I Love It

Tweet No, none of my kids actually play soccer but it seems they are doing everything else! Fall means FOOTBALL!!! This is Jeffery’s first year playing football and he’s LOVING IT!!! He’s done t-ball in the past but I never seen a passion like he does for football. Before school started he had practice 3 days a week for 2 hours each, and now that school is in session he has 2 practices (sometimes one or both are scrimmages) each {Read More}

There Are Good Days…And Bad.

Tweet I now feel like I’m on a roller coaster and I’m honestly ready to GET OFF OF IT! For the first part of the Summer I couldn’t be happier with Jeffery’s behavior. His medicine was working wonders and we were calling it a miracle…we finally felt like we found something that was working.  The tantrums were almost nonexistent, the back-talking was a LOT less and Jeff was even happy because he wasn’t a “zombie” like he thought he would be after being {Read More}

Jeffery and Jaxon’s Updates

Tweet I’ve done way too much driving the past few weeks. Jeffery’s behavior doctor and Jaxon’s development doctor are both over at Kluge Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Charlottesville (an hour drive one way for us) Jeffery had his appointment last week and Jaxon has his today. Luckily Jeff was off today (if you count getting off at 6am, home at 7am and staying up lol) and was able to watch the big kids, which is more than I can say {Read More}