Tweet I was just looking through my phone at all my pictures. I realized I took a picture for every step of Justin’s recent surgery and illness afterwards. I was wondering how many nurses/doctors thought I was a little crazy for taking pictures instead of using both hands to cuddle him (most of the pictures he was laying on me). I honestly don’t care what they think….I was worried sick about him but knew that documenting would be something to {Read More}

Justin’s Surgery and MORE

Tweet On Monday Justin had his scheduled surgery to bring down his un-descended testicle. We knew this was coming and even though I was prepared for it, I was still nervous. It was an outpatient surgery so we were in and out the same day. He did well before during and immediately after surgery. They sent us home with specific directions on what to do if he gets a fever above 100.4F, starts vomiting and many other issues. He slept almost nonstop {Read More}

Children’s Personalities

Tweet Lately I’ve been watching Justin’s personality come out. It made me think of the other three kids’ personalities and realize how very different each of my kids are. Jeffery is a loving child…but doesn’t always know how to express his feelings. He wants to please everyone and be friends with everyone. He also wants to do things as quickly as possible and get the reward/outcome. While he’s my most difficult child, I can see under his tough guy thing {Read More}

#CookiesKids Winter Wardrobe for Justin (Review with Discount Code)

Tweet Having four kids I am not short on hand me downs…but, all four kids are born in different seasons which means they don’t always have the right season clothes in the right size for the next kid. Oh and one is a girl so it doesn’t help when her little siblings are boys.  That’s not a problem for me since I love to buy new clothes for the kids. I just wish I had heard of Cookie’s Kids earlier, {Read More}

A Month Of Many Firsts

Tweet The past month has been crazy…I’ve been going what seems like nonstop. First I’ll make a list of all the firsts of the last month and then go into more details. We celebrated a year of Justin being with us on October 18th Jeffery had his first championship football game. Jeffery had his first Black Belt Club class after being invited. Jaxon had his first field trip. Jeffery and Jaylin got their first report cards of the year. I {Read More}

#HolidayPalooza Zutano (review/giveaway)

Tweet Zutano is a brand I love. I first heard of them when I was pregnant with Jaxon and fell in love with them, especially once I put his first Zutano outfit on him. It’s no different with Justin, he looks just as adorable in their clothes as Jaxon…plus the outfits have lasted through Jaxon and Justin has worn his old ones too! Zutano is so unique, their patterns, the bright colors…I love it all. Everyone asks where I got {Read More}

I’m a “Crappy” Mom

Tweet I have seen so much debated lately online about what parenting choices some are making…what business is it to anyone else how anyone else parents their child?!?!! I am a fan of Life with Levi and saw a huge debate going on after she posted a nice uplifting picture of women with their babies and how they all made different choices but were still wonderful mothers. It turned into a circumcision debate! It got really ugly and it was {Read More}

#GoingGreen – Bumkins Cloth Diaper (review/giveaway)

Tweet One of the things that has made me want to go green is the fact of saving money. For the past 7 years straight we have been buying disposable diapers…that’s 3 kids their entire diaper time in disposables and up until last week…Justin was included. Even though we may only be part time right now until our stash is up so I can keep him in them full time…it’s better and I love not having to worry about running {Read More}

The End of Our Breastfeeding Journey

Tweet I’ve wanted to write this post for awhile…but my heart has been hurting over the whole situation. I’ve wrote about Justin’s condition with his throat and breathing issues, I’ve wrote about his apnea monitor and the near death experience we had…but breastfeeding was something so personal for me, a bonding between me and him, something my other 3 kids never took to but Justin did. When Justin was weighed when he was 3 months old he was only 10lbs. {Read More}

1 Full Week Home Update

Tweet We’ve been home a full week and I couldn’t imagine things being any better than they are! Today is actually Justin’s due date too. Having 3 older wonderful kids, it’s hard to imagine my heart could grow any more and love another baby the way I love my older kids! As of Monday Justin was still 6lbs 12oz which is what he weighed when we left last Thursday…so I was told to feed him every 2 hours…which is impossible, {Read More}