Breastfeeding Advice?

Tweet I know this is early being that I’m only 13 weeks. But it’s been on my mind a lot. I did try to breastfeed Jaylin and Jaxon, but ended up pumping and that didn’t keep my supply up so I ended up going to formula after about 3 weeks with both of them. My problem is that my breasts are rather large (about a DDD and I went up to a H while pregnant with Jaxon) and I feel {Read More}

3 Hour Glucose, Is It THAT Bad?

Tweet There hasn’t been much to update on about the pregnancy lately…I’m 13 weeks as of today and it seems like time is dragging by (I know, it’ll speed up and I’ll wonder where the time went) But I’ve been stewing behind the scenes about having the 3 hour glucose test for gestational diabetes. I felt tricked into doing the 1 hour when I shouldn’t have had it done…I was suppose to go in just for my nurse education the {Read More}

It’s A Baby!

Tweet I’m happy to introduce (by picture) baby monkey #4!! Baby and below is the heartbeat, 171BPM My due date is October 28th which makes me 12 weeks tomorrow. Baby looks healthy and was wiggling around today. The kids were able to go with us (Parent Teacher Conference day so no school) and they were so excited! Jeffery said it was “awesome!” I talked to my doctor about the c-section, Jeff’s birthday is right at my 37week mark and it’s {Read More}

C-Section Depression, does it ever go away?

Tweet This popped into my head after reading my friend Lizzy’s post about her first birth experience HERE. (and can I say I can’t wait to read her other parts!) Being that we’re expecting baby #4, that means c-section #4 is¬†imminent. I had my first c-section over 6 years ago and it still depresses me that I wasn’t able to experience a “natural” (by natural I mean, I had a epidural because I can’t do much pain…but wanted him to {Read More}