Kicking For Autism

Tweet We’ve been fundraising for 11 months now. We’ve raised¬†$8,578.25 which means we only have¬†$5,421.75 to go! During these last 11 months I’ve been trying to think of ways to show Jeffery’s strength, that even though he has these obstacles, he can do anything he sets his mind to. My first thought was his biggest passion, karate. Jeffery is 10 years old and got his black belt the Friday after he turned 10 this year. He worked for 5 years {Read More}

Autism Awareness Month

Tweet April is Autism Awareness Month. It’s close to my heart as Jeffery is on the spectrum and since I’ve started fundraising for him to receive an Autism Service Dog, I get a lot of questions and comments. Autism isn’t always visible, there is a wide spectrum from high functioning like Jeffery to kids who can’t do a whole lot, including being non-verbal. It’s such a wide range because there is also all that in between. The one comment I {Read More}

What You May Not See – Why We’re Looking At Getting A Service Dog

Tweet We’ve been looking into getting Jeffery a service dog. I am about to send in the application and I hadn’t mentioned it publicly until I got the paperwork filled out from his doctor agreeing that he would benefit from having one. Yes, I had mentioned it to select friends who know what I’m dealing with with Jeffery. But those are the people who hear from me or see first hand how Jeffery’s behavior is. Everyone I’ve told privately agrees {Read More}