When Sensory and Anxiety Collide

Tweet I was hoping Jaylin’s anxiety wouldn’t be too big of a deal and I’ve slowly been introducing her to new things to help her. She started gymnastics a few months ago and while at first she was scared of things, she has come around and has really come out of her shell. So when football and cheer leading sign ups come, I asked if she wanted to do it and she did, she was excited about it. Then come {Read More}

My First Grader Got Suspended

Tweet Tuesday started out rough…but not with Jeffery. Jaylin threw one of her RARE tantrums over something I can’t even remember now. So, when I saw the school’s number on my caller ID I thought Jaylin was still having a rough day and expected to be asked to come pick her up or something. Imagine my surprise when I hear the principal on the other end saying “I have Jeffery here…can you come pick him up” After asking the obvious {Read More}

Doing “Everything Right” Then Why Is Nothing Working?!?!?!

Tweet Been awhile since I updated about Jeffery and his behavior issues. By suggestion of his psychiatrist I have started taking a parenting class, we have gotten Jeffery an extra counselor in school, and I’ve had many many many talks with his teacher and counselor and we’re all so lost. We’re all tired. None of us know which way to go anymore. I treat all my kids the same, they are all punished the same, they all have the same rules…so why does {Read More}

Sensory Integration Disorder

Tweet Yep….that’s something that Jeffery has finally been diagnosed with. I knew from early on he had some sensory issues, but didn’t connect the issue with his behavior issues. His psychiatrist suggested having him evaluated to see if they found out anything we didn’t know and anything that might help. It did! We were told he is hyper sensitive to touch…which means he thrives to touch anything and everything. This explains him playing with stuff in his desk at school instead {Read More}

I’m Thankful

Tweet I know Thanksgiving was the other week, but I’m thankful everyday. A lot has happened the past few weeks which is why my blog has been kind of slow with content. Meetings, family, and just enjoying everything around me. First let’s start with the meetings, over the past few months I’ve had to answer a ton of questions about Jeffery and Jaylin. They were being reevaluated for special education services in school. When both of my kids went into {Read More}

He’s Not Being Challenged Enough

Tweet Jeffery has always been quick to pick up on things, you show him something one time and he knows it forever. This is proving to be a difficult thing for him in 1st grade. His teacher has told me that he plays with his pencil at his desk and won’t concentrate.I know that teachers go over the same thing multiple times to make sure all the kids understand it, but for Jeffery it makes him bored. His spelling words {Read More}

My Head Is Spinning

Tweet We’re just over a week away from adding baby #4 to the family and so much has been going on! I feel like I don’t even have time to breathe some days! All 3 of the kids had their 6 month dental check-ups this month (all on different days). Jeffery cooperated no problem with the cleaning, Jaylin not so much…we ended up coming back and having a wonderful experience thanks to a great secretary who went above and beyond {Read More}

On The Right Track (RE: Jeffery)

Tweet I’ve been meaning to update about Jeffery. Since being told we needed to find a psychiatrist for him to get the properdiagnosis and treatment for him I was kind of lost. A lot of people in this area don’t take his insurance. One day while talking to Jaxon’s case manager for his development (she used to be Jeffery’s case manager as well when he was in speech) she asked how Jeffery was doing and I explained what Kluge had said and {Read More}

Jaxon’s Progress

Tweet The past few weeks so much has happened with Jaxon he deserves his own post! This post is going to be a brag post…I’m such a happy and proud mommy I have to share, along with some ADORABLE pictures of the cutie himself 🙂 It started when Jaxon’s therapists (he has a developmental and a speech therapist) started introducing him to sign language. We started with “more” and he caught onto that when we sat with him and some cookies {Read More}

Jeffery and Jaxon’s Updates

Tweet I’ve done way too much driving the past few weeks. Jeffery’s behavior doctor and Jaxon’s development doctor are both over at Kluge Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Charlottesville (an hour drive one way for us) Jeffery had his appointment last week and Jaxon has his today. Luckily Jeff was off today (if you count getting off at 6am, home at 7am and staying up lol) and was able to watch the big kids, which is more than I can say {Read More}