Don’t Say “Sorry” When Learning Our Son Is Autistic….We’re Not

Tweet I’ve had a lot of experience with the public since we’ve been fundraising for Jeffery’s Autism Service Dog. Recently we had a Bake Sale outside of Walmart. We talked to many nice people who we educated about service dogs and 4 Paws for Ability (the organization we’re going through). I love answering questions, it shows me that people are interested and want to learn. But one couple really stuck out to me. The couple who said “I’m sorry” when {Read More}

Jeffery’s Update

Tweet I honestly don’t know where to begin this. I guess it should be with the JMU CDC (local college Child Development Center) results. We got them the other month and I was honestly speechless when I got them. We went through everything, my concerns, their tests…then the dreaded word….”DEPRESSION” was number one on the list of the diagnosis list. I felt like a train hit me. He’s 8 (was 7 when testing was done)…how can he be “depressed”. She {Read More}


Tweet I don’t know where it has been coming from but lately out of nowhere I’ll have a random memory of right before my grandmother died…taking her to the doctor who sent her to the hospital that transfered her to a bigger hospital…me having to tell my mom I barely saw that Nanny was really sick and being sent to the other hospital…that look I’ll never forget on her face when she hugged me after not seeing me for awhile {Read More}

#HolidayPalooza – Santa’s Hideout (review)

Tweet Having older kids who know what they want for Christmas, it can be hard to remember what all they’ve told me they want for Christmas. I’m glad there is now Santa’s Hideout…a site the kids can create their lists for Santa so I can’t forget what they want! Santa’s Hideout is a great site that parents go sign up, then add the kids. Parents can even limit how many things they can ask for, as well as a price {Read More}

Just a few pictures of the baby for Jackies readers!

Tweet His name is Justin Paul Staples, born at 4:41pm EST on Oct 18th, 2011….7lbs 1oz 19 inches long. πŸ˜€

Lost and Confused

Tweet I’m currently sitting in bed using my phone to write this…I need to get things off my chest. Today was rough, usually I have no problems getting Jeffery out the door to karate but today he wanted to throw a fit, we never made it out the door. He threw a shoe at me, threw himself on the ground, kicked things, screamed and was completely upset…all because I told him we’d get something to eat either on the way {Read More}

Breastfeeding Advice?

Tweet I know this is early being that I’m only 13 weeks. But it’s been on my mind a lot. I did try to breastfeed Jaylin and Jaxon, but ended up pumping and that didn’t keep my supply up so I ended up going to formula after about 3 weeks with both of them. My problem is that my breasts are rather large (about a DDD and I went up to a H while pregnant with Jaxon) and I feel {Read More}

Saying Goodbye

Tweet As you all know, Jackie hates the house we were living in, it was falling apart around us, and I for the most part hated it too…a lot of headache trying to keep things from falling apart when you know the landlord is going to jump your case about it even though its not your fault. Anyways the past 2 weeks has been a wild ride, if I wasn’t over there I was working and vice versa, pretty much {Read More}

Goodbye 2010…Hello 2011

Tweet 2010 was filled with it’s ups and downs…the begining started off good and it ended horribly. Let’s see Jeffery turned the big 5 in February 2010:) We started our house hunting adventure after fixing Jeff’s credit. Got pre-approved for a mortgage πŸ™‚ Jaxon turned a year old in May 2010 After 2 failed attempts at buying a already built house, we decided to get a modular. We picked out the house we wanted, and ordered it…thinking the process was {Read More}

Great Wolf Lodge – Snowland 2010 (Part 1)

Tweet Recently my family and I were invited BACK to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. I was excited because I had heard about Snowland activities and wanted so badly to see it snow inside! Of course we found the kids’ MagiQuest wands, packed our bags and headed off for 3 days and 2 nights. The kids were beyond THRILLED, they remembered the water park and the MagiQuest (they didn’t see us pack the wands πŸ˜‰ ) When we arrived, our {Read More}