If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck…

Tweet We’d have no luck at all. Here it is the week of Christmas, wanna take a guess at where we are? No…not in the new house! We’re still in the old house because we’re waiting on electric! That’s a long story and I’m irritated about it. Short version is they have to wait for Miss Utility to mark where things are so they can dig our electrical line (we’re doing an underground line) So, that’s frustration #1. For the {Read More}

Monkey Mayhem Bows

Tweet I now make bows!!! I have a Facebook page if you would like to check out the ones I’ve already made and have up for sale, and I also do custom orders 🙂 Here are a few of the bows I’ve made. These are just a few, you can check out the Facebook Page where I have all my bows listed (ones I’ve sold in one folder and ones for sale in another with prices listed 🙂 )

Holiday Palooza – Alize (review)

Tweet Welcome to our Holiday Palooza! Melissa and I have some wonderful gift ideas to share with you this holiday season. Make sure you visit Melissa at Outnumbered 3 to 1 daily to see what she has in store for you too. We will be featuring the same giveaways on each blog some of the days, so that’s two chances for you to win! I don’t drink often, and when I do, it’s not much so it better taste good. {Read More}

Not Enough Words

Tweet I’m tired My feet hurt My eyes are heavy I’m hungry I don’t even know how I’m typing all this. Today was SO long and it started last night! I got a text from Amy that she couldn’t watch Jaxon today while I went on a field trip with Jeffery. I was scheduled to be a chaperone. I couldn’t back out that day! I spent HOURS worrying…Jeff come up with one idea but I shot it down because of {Read More}

Sick Kids Suck

Tweet This weekend has been so blah! I don’t remember much of Saturday because it is just a blur to me now. Sunday however…started off with a bang. Jaylin come and crawled in bed with Jeff and I sometime after he had gotten home (so sometime after 7am) crying that her tummy hurt, so we cuddled her and all went back to sleep (shocking since she had argued a little beforehand that “sun awake”) I got up with Jaxon a {Read More}


Tweet No, this isn’t going to be how I’m so proud of my kids (even though I truly am!) this is about something else. Back story. Monday Jeffery was suppose to bring a apple to school, I had known about it for about a week, but I had forgotten over the weekend (yes, I was even at the grocery store and forgot!) so Monday morning rolls around and after I woke him up I mumbled out loud “SHOOT! I forgot to get {Read More}

Skyline Drive – Hiking with 3 kids

Tweet The title says it all, and you are probably wondering “Jackie, why in the world did you take 3 kids hiking, especially one that isn’t walking yet!” The answer is…”I took Amy to help, thinking it wouldn’t be too bad” I knew where I wanted to go, it’s called Dark Hallow Falls. I hadn’t been there since I was little with my Dad, I remember it being a steep walk back and I was miserable, but the falls itself {Read More}


Tweet Life is crazy here! I just now finally had time to upload Jaylin’s birthday party pictures!!!! She had a My Little Pony party and it was only a few of us (none of her classmates showed up 🙁 ) but she got spoiled rotten!!!! But before the party pictures, I took this the night of her birthday….4 years old and this is how she sleeps…she’s so precious! I won’t bore you will all the pictures I took of her {Read More}

I Had Hoped To Never Write A Post Like This

Tweet Today I was watching TV and some emails come through on my blackberry, I saw I had new twitter followers, figured it was for the current RedBox giveaway I have going. Looking closer, 2 of the twitter followers only were following 2 people, that got me curious. I got up and come to check my comments on here and sure enough, there they were. I checked them out and they were only following me and Redbox on twitter, now {Read More}

GoodNites (Review Week 2)

Tweet I wrote the first GoodNites post and explained about what they were, and how I loved the design of them. Now that we’ve been using them for a few weeks I can give you my opinion on how I like the quality and absorption along with how my Jaylin (Jeffery will be next week’s) does with them. Jaylin seriously loves her GoodNites, she loves anything girly so the butterflies and flowers on them. Actually when we got the package {Read More}