Walgreens’ Well Beginnings Baby Care Line

Tweet When shopping for baby products you always run across the big name products and store brand products of the same thing. The price is usually significantly lower for the store brand. The problem is, are those products cheaper because they are lower quality or are the big name products more expensive because of the name only. For me, it’s been hit or miss with certain store brands and certain things I make sure I buy big name brand because {Read More}

Lego KidsFest in Richmond, VA Ticket Giveaway

Tweet I have 4 kids in this house who are huge fans of LEGO®. Jeffery is my biggest fan of them and whenever he has money or we ask what he wants…it’s always a LEGO® set. I’m not a fan of them being all over the floor and being a pain in my feet when I accidentally step on them, but I love the creativity they bring out in all of my kids. That’s why I can’t wait to take {Read More}

Number 5 Is Here (Birth Story and Baby Pictures)

Tweet Jamison Brendan arrived August 8th. He weighed 7lbs 12oz and was 18 3/4 in long. If you’re wondering why it’s taken me over a week to post this, it’s because even though I’ve had 4 other c-sections…this was by far the WORST! My biggest mistake was thinking this would be just like, if not better, than my last c-section. With Justin I was out of bed that evening and felt great. The day I got out of the hospital {Read More}

Baby Day Tomorrow

Tweet I’m sitting here with less than 14 hours before Jamison will be welcomed into this world. Jeff just asked if I was nervous…I’m not really. I’m excited to finally meet this little boy. I am also sad…I know this is the last pregnancy I’ll ever have…my last baby. Tonight or tomorrow I’ll feel a kick from inside me for the last time. It’s sad. I have enjoyed this pregnancy so much and honestly having very few issues here at {Read More}

Levana Ayden Video Monitor

Tweet Next week I’ll be having our 5th baby. Which means I’ll have 4 kids running around and a newborn. Can be difficult to make sure baby is fine while I’m taking care of the big kids. I now won’t have to worry about that because I have the Levana Ayden Video Monitor. The first thing I noticed about the Levana Ayden Video Monitor was that the screen has a rechargeable battery so it don’t need to stay plugged in {Read More}

Crochet for Baby All Year Book Giveaway

Tweet I’ve been crocheting for a few years now, I started with hats and booties then worked my way into baby clothing. Patterns for girls are so easy to find, there are all kinds of cute dress patterns out there but not so many boy patterns. I was excited when I received Crochet for Baby All Year by Tammy Hildebrand because it’s filled with baby clothing for girls AND boys! In Crochet for Baby All Year there are different patterns {Read More}

Me Beau Bebe Giveaway #BabyBonanza

Tweet With Jamison arriving right at the beginning of football/cheer season here, I know there will be plenty of times I’ll have to nurse him while out at the field. I don’t have a problem with nursing in public, I just want to be covered up, especially around a bunch of kids. So I’ve been looking into different nursing covers and come across Me Beau Bebe. The Me Beau Bebe nursing blanket is not JUST a nursing cover, it’s also {Read More}

Bamboobies Giveaway #BabyBonanza

Tweet   While I breastfed Justin, I always used the disposable breast pads for my bra and I can’t tell you how many of those I went through…a lot of money into box after box of disposable pads. They weren’t even that great because they would move (even though they had the “sticky” back) and once I was in traffic court and while waiting on my name to be called, the pad got full and the entire front of my {Read More}

KidzCanDesign Giveaway

Tweet Father’s Day is this weekend and I know one thing my kids LOVE to do for both Father’s and Mother’s day is draw pictures. But what do you do with that picture after a few days/weeks on the fridge? Toss it? Put it in a folder and put up somewhere? Just let it hang there until it falls off and goes missing? Have you ever thought you could turn it into something else special? KidsCanDesign can turn your child’s {Read More}

MAM Anti-Colic Bottles and Pacifiers Giveaway #BabyBonanza

Tweet With about two months left until Jamison arrives, I’m getting excited and am busy preparing everything.  Of course there are the big things like carseat, bed and clothes…I needed to think about bottles too. Even though I plan on breastfeeding, I also know that after I’m healed, I’ll be going back to karate and he may get hungry while I’m gone. I was excited to get a package from MAM that included their Anti-Colic bottles and pacifiers. I have {Read More}