MAM USA Pacifiers Giveaway

Tweet Memorial Day is this weekend and then another month and a half later is the 4th of July. Everyone else gets patriotic, why not your baby? MAM Baby has just come out with their MAM USA pacifiers and was nice enough to send Justin a pack so he’ll be ready this weekend to celebrate with the rest of us! We’re big fans of MAM in this house and have been since Justin was little bitty. He still uses a {Read More}

Delta Children’s Sutton Travel Sleep Solution Bassinet

Tweet Since Jeff’s family is in another state…we try to visit them as often as money will allow. Which used to mean taking a huge playpen for the baby to sleep in as well as all the other stuff we need for all of our kids plus ourselves. Now thanks to Delta for sending us the Children’s Sutton Travel Sleep Solution Bassinet, Jamison (who will arrive in August) won’t need a HUGE playpen while he’s still an itty bitty baby and {Read More}

Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower in DC

Tweet Are you expecting a baby? Have a newborn? Have you heard about the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Showers? Here is a little about the event: The Biggest Baby Shower Ever is like no other baby shower you’ve ever seen. With over 100 of the best companies in the baby industry, it’s a one stop shop to test out, touch, feel and get educated on everything you can possibly need for your growing family. Enjoy mingling with other expectant {Read More}

9 Months Review

Tweet   I found out I was pregnant with this baby right before New Years. Most people celebrate New Years with some type of alcohol. Being pregnant, I couldn’t. Unfortunately this was before I was aware of 9 Months! They make non alcoholic wine, and it was created with pregnant women in mind…because why should we not be in on the celebrations? 9 Months sent me a bottle of their Sparkling White with an adorable “Crongrats!” gift tag on it! {Read More}

It’s A….

Tweet We had THE BIG ultrasound today. We had an ultrasound at 15 weeks and they took a peek…told us it was a boy but we figured it could have been the umbilical cord….we refused to say one way or the other what the baby was until we had the 20 week ultrasound (I’m actually 23 weeks and 5 days today). This morning was it…I didn’t sleep much at all last night lol. I was so excited to see this. {Read More}

Jeep Cherokee Stroller Review with Giveaway

Tweet It’s warming up and I’m spending more time outside…enjoying the beautiful weather. Justin loves to go outside too so I enjoy taking him out with me take walks around the neighborhood. My problem now is that he’s anti-hand-holding. He likes to just run and do his own thing…which isn’t good where we are forced to walk on the side of the road since we don’t have sidewalks. The main stroller we have is our Contours Options LT Tandem stroller, which {Read More}

Continuing Karate While Pregnant

Tweet I’m 22 1/2 weeks pregnant. I haven’t stopped training in karate. I’ve been asked a lot of questions…and a lot of people have the same questions. I figured writing a blog post might help someone else. How long do you plan to keep doing karate? Until I feel my body can’t do it anymore OR until my doctor orders me to stop. My doctor initially told me to stop at 20 weeks but when I saw her the other {Read More}

Mommy & Me Crocheted Hats Review & Giveaway

Tweet In the little bit of free time I have, I love to crochet. I have a ton of patterns from a lot of different designers and have only made a small fraction of them (I may have a bit of an addiction to crochet patterns lol) The other month I reviewed and gave away a copy of my favorite designers, Kristi Simpson’s, first book Sweet & Simple Baby Crochet. Now she has her second book out, Mommy & Me {Read More}

Hapari Swimwear Review and $100 Gift Card Giveaway

Tweet Now that this crazy Winter is almost over, it’s time to start thinking warm thoughts and getting ready to pull those swimsuits out. I’m very self conscious about my body and have such a hard time finding a swimsuit that I don’t mind being seen in public wearing. Hapari was awesome and give me $100 gift card to their site so I can get prepared for Summer. I had so much fun browsing Hapari’s site. It took me forever {Read More}

Baby Showers For Pregnancy/Babies After The First

Tweet This has been bugging me. I seen a post somewhere about how “rude” it was to have a baby shower for someone after the first baby. WHY?!?! Isn’t the 2nd, 3rd, 4th…and up, babies special? Isn’t the mother carrying another living human inside her? Doesn’t the pregnant mother deserve a little party in her favor? Doesn’t the new baby deserve gifts like their older sibling got? What makes the 2nd and up babies less special? I understand that some {Read More}