Goals – Day 1

Tweet I started working out today. The community center Jaylin does gymnastics at (and me and the boys do karate) has a full gym as well as a walking/running track around the inside. While Jaylin had her gymnastics class, I bought a membership so I could take advantage of all the equipment and track. Jaylin’s class is an hour long and I typically just sit in a chair and watch her or play around on my phone. Never anything productive. {Read More}

Setting Goals

Tweet This week in karate we were talking about setting goals and how it’s important to write them down. Well, I figured a good way to keep up with my goals is to blog my progress. I have multiple, some long term and some short term. Some of the short term lead up to the long term. I’ll start with my short term goals. Fit into my karate pants – I’m still wearing sweats to karate because I refuse to {Read More}